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Distributor box for power applications

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In field-based power distribution, at power supply voltages of 24 V a larger cable cross-section size is required in order to counteract voltage drop across long distances. The M12 power distribution boxes from Phoenix Contact, in combination with standard cables of up to 4×6 mm², are designed for this application.


The distributor has four T-coded M12 slots with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eight channels is equipped with a plug-in fuse. Devices are connected directly via T-coded M12 standard cables. The distributor is supplied via standard cables and a plug-in sleeve housing with contact inserts and separate crimp contacts.

The status of the input and output sides can be checked at any time via LEDs. Further evaluation data is provided via an M12 diagnostics port that is connected to the controller in the control cabinet. T-coded items such as molded system lines, attachable plug-in connectors, Y-distributors, and energy distributors provide reliable power distribution in the field.

Heavy-duty connectors for every application

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Heavycon complete heavy-duty connectors from Phoenix Contact offer a reliable seal up to degree of protection IP69K. There are matching plug-in connections for every requirement with housings from three series types and matching contact inserts which can be combined.


The standard series offers a wide range of robust metal housings with various different cable outlet directions and locking mechanisms. The flexible, swiveling bayonet locking of the EVO series allows the cable outlet direction to be freely selected and reduces the number of versions and thereby the warehousing costs by up to 70%. Not only does the direct screw locking without panel mounting base result in cost savings, it also means that the Advance housings are particularly durable and robust.

All components can be individually combined and flexibly modified, extended or exchanged. The standard and EVO housing is pin-compatible with the market standard and the Heavycon metal housing is “EMC-ready” thanks to conductive surfaces and seals. Combined with shielded cable glands, they offer you reliable protection in electromagnetic surroundings. All housing series fit standard panel cutouts.

FAME 2 – “Masuk (Enter), Tolak (Push), Pulas Atas (Twist Upwards), Pulas Bawah (Twist Downwards)”

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I remember when I was a kid and whenever my dad drops by a petrol station for petrol refueling everything was pretty much manual. Luckily in those days every petrol station in Malaysia you can find very helpful petrol attendants who will always ask “Penuh?” (“Full tank?”). Most of the time we as consumers never bothered to care about the refueling procedures as we know the petrol attendants will take care of the “complicated” procedures  for us.

All these “Relying on the Petrol Attendant for refueling” experience ended somewhere in 1999 where Petronas introduced the “self-service” concept for petrol refueling. It was a nightmare to a lot of Malaysians who think petrol refueling procedure is complicated but this change was necessary as Petronas was trying to have their petrol stations run more cost-effectively. To counter the fear of Malaysians towards self-service petrol refueling, Malaysians were being introduced to a revolutionary campaign of “Angkat (Lift), Tolak (Push), Masuk (Enter), Picit (Squeeze)”.

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Push-In Technology – Closer than You Think!

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Push-In Technology was developed by Phoenix Contact in 1978. The very first modular terminal block, the FK 1,5 with a direct plug-in spring connection, designed to offer installation engineers an easy and safe conductor connection method used this technology.

Due to its handling and compact design, the FK 1,5 is still found in elevator engineering, machine and system construction even today! Just like the FK 1,5, the concept of Push in Technology still exists and is going strong today – because it improves the way we do things…. even in our daily lives!

Read on to find out how.

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Dear Junction Box, I Met Someone New…

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Dear Junction Box

I have been with you since the first day I started my lighting business. You have been a great provider of industrial power distribution and many of my friends knew you, there were simply no one else that could do the job that you could.

I was drawn to you because of your petite size and your attractive figure. Although we have problems but we could not part ways. You were important to my electrical installation.

However, I met someone new from Phoenix Contact and her name is ‘QPD’.

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Routing Pre-Assembled Cables through the Housing Wall

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The new CES cable entry system from Phoenix Contact allows pre-assembled cables to be routed into control cabinets in a safe and space-saving manner.

The cut-outs and mounting dimensions of the CES system match the standard dimensions of heavy-duty plug connectors, which are installed in the control cabinet in a standard manner.

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