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Introducing 2 New Products of Phoenix Contact

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Powerful New Safety Relays are Just 6mm Wide

The new PSR Mini relays from Phoenix Contact are the world’s slimmest safety relays with the power of a large safety relay. With their compact 6-mm width, they ensure high safety thanks to positively driven contacts.

Phoenix Contact’s new relay technology makes this compact design possible. The design is based on a slim but powerful basic relay characterized by minimal space requirements, low energy consumption, and high system availability.

The safety relays switch loads up to 6 amperes, are compatible with many signal transducers, and can be used in many different applications thanks to extensive approvals. This makes the new products especially suitable for mechanical engineering and process industry applications.


For users, these slim modules require up to 70 percent less space. Since only a single enabling contact is needed, applications can be built with new and improved cost-effectiveness. Safety relays can even be used to build distributed systems in potentially explosive areas. The terminal carriers also enable the use of system cabling solutions for a fast and correct start-up and field connection.

The complete PSR Mini range of safety relays consists of 6-mm and 12-mm models.


New EH Housing from Phoenix Contact

Introducing the latest addition to housing family, EH housing – the universal housing system with modular concept which is tailored for your electronic application needs.

EH housing offers you simple design-in, thanks to its variable housing form factor – high and flat design!

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Let us look into details of this marvelous housing family. For a functional device concept, PCBs can be installed in all three space direction. Free choices of PCB connection technologies are available from Phoenix Contact. We have them all incorporated seamlessly into our latest EH housing. From conventional terminal blocks, plug and headers, to RJ 45, or even USB ports, to cover your wide range of today’s electronic application!

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Do you want to house your PCB?

Do you want to save more to maximize your profit for your product?

Do you want your PCB to be covered within Phoenix Contact superb quality and reliable housing?

Talk to us now! We are always available for you!

The iF DESIGN AWARD Winner Goes To …………..

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Designline 7000

The iF DESIGN AWARD is a highly respected award that recognizes independent and reputable industrial designs worldwide.

In 2014, Phoenix Contact’s Designline 7000 successfully merged art and industrial design allowing the Desginline 7000 to clinch the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD in 2015.

The Designline 7000 was identified as a product of excellence, and commended for multi touch functionality coupled with an intuitive design for industrial applications.

Designline Industrial PCs are powerful computers with multi touch function for industrial applications. For example, they can be used as hardware platform for complex visualization and control tasks. Whether in the classic 4:3 format or as widescreen device; thanks to the integrated VESA 100 bracket, Designline industrial PCs can be mounted directly on the machine in a user-friendly manner. The all-round IP65-protected housing and the high temperature resistance from -20 °C to +55 °C allow for assembly without control cabinet cover panels. Thanks to the service hatch, all necessary components can still be accessed easily and servicing carried out quickly.