Routing Pre-Assembled Cables through the Housing Wall

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The new CES cable entry system from Phoenix Contact allows pre-assembled cables to be routed into control cabinets in a safe and space-saving manner.

The cut-outs and mounting dimensions of the CES system match the standard dimensions of heavy-duty plug connectors, which are installed in the control cabinet in a standard manner.

Up to 40 cables with IP 65 protection can be routed into the control cabinet through a standard cut-out. The slotted sleeves are securely attached in half of the cable inlet frame.

They can accommodate cables with diameters from 2 mm to 34 mm and simultaneously provide strain relief in compliance with the DIN EN 50262 standard. New multi-range cone sleeves minimize variance and increase flexibility.

Thanks to the CES system’s modular design and ease of use, individual cables can be quickly and conveniently added or replaced at any time.

The CES mounting frames contain integrated seals and are available in screw or latch locking versions. Using a snap-on frame, the cable entry system can be simply snapped on without the need for any tools.



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