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The Future of Smart Buildings

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For many years, building management systems (BMS) have been installed to control and monitor a portion of the building services. These systems, which tend to be expensive, are mostly used in large buildings, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors.

While offering much functionality, they have limitations in their use such as:

  1. Complex installation and configuration processes
  2. Systems are often closed and with limited evolutivity (due to their complexity)
  3. Systems are designed for operators only and not originally designed to provide services to building occupants

Smart buildings offer diversities and allow us to foresee an ultra-connected future; the challenge is to allow integration and interaction with the latest proposed solutions, in order to jointly offer a new user experience.

Phoenix Contact’s answer to the digitalization of building technology

Our IoT-based framework enables the integration of standard communication paths as well as new IP-based protocols. Thanks to open interfaces, existing systems can simply be integrated in the building management system.

The depth of the data ensures that your building projects have an intelligent and needs-based structure that is easy to expand. This applies to heating/ventilation/air conditioning, room and media systems, as well as the security concepts.

Phoenix Contact offers a broad product portfolio, ranging from easy installation to intelligent building automation. From cabling through to surge protection and the intelligent use of data in the building management system, we have intelligent products and solutions for your multi-site premises.

Controller for building infrastructure

The IoT-based ILC 2050 BI controller enables easy connection to standard as well as IP-based field devices. The data points of the technical building equipment captured and standardized at field level are defined once, and are then available to the entire system.

EMpro energy measuring devices

Our range of products for energy and performance measurements can be used to convert, record, measure, and monitor the energy parameters of your technical building equipment. The recorded consumption values provide a basis to increase the energy efficiency of your building.

Measurement and control technology

Isolate, convert, and filter signals, and monitor and control processes in the building: our measurement and control technology components cover all the tasks required for interference-free signal transmission from sensor level to control level.

Industrial communication technology

Regardless of which medium is used for the communication or that needs to be installed, we offer you the relevant solution with copper, fibre optic and wireless products.

STEP POWER power supplies for installation distributors

Use our power supplies and UPS to guarantee the highest availability of your processes. STEP POWER power supplies have been specifically developed for the building automation. They fit into installation distributors as well as flat control panels, and offer maximum energy efficiency.

Surge protection

From the incoming supply to the end device, from the data cable to the photovoltaic system – protect your devices and installations with surge protection from Phoenix Contact.

Phoenix Contact – your partner for leading edge building technology.

Annunciator Relays – MR11 / MR21

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Annunciator relays are used to indicate dangerous states and operating states in control rooms, on control panels, and in mimic diagrams. The annunciator relays from Phoenix Contact feature a convenient display area and ensure reliable operation thanks to their robust construction. They are therefore also suitable for use under harsh ambient conditions.

Semi-automatic annunciator relay

The Mauell MR 11 annunciator relay is a semi-automatic relay. Apart from the coil excitation voltage, no other auxiliary voltage is required for the visual display. This is particularly important in voltage monitoring applications. The indicator flag area is black during normal operation. The white text field appears when the relay has been triggered. The contacts also switch to the operating position. The message is acknowledged by pressing the reset button on the device front. Once the message has been acknowledged, the text field remains visible, and an additional red-white hatched indicator flag is displayed. The contacts return to the normal position. Once the malfunction has been cleared, the indicator flag automatically returns to the normal operation position. In addition to the contact function described, additional contacts can be switched directly. These contacts operate independently of the acknowledgment function. The required switching action – normally open or normally closed – is set at the factory and can be changed later.

Fully automatic annunciator relay

The Mauell MR 21 annunciator relay is also used to indicate dangerous states and operating states. It is fully automatic and there is no manual reset function. Depending on the switching action, the relay switches to the triggered position when energized/de-energized. This switches the contacts and the indicator flag marking appears. Once the malfunction has been cleared, the indicator flag automatically disappears. The contacts also return to the normal position. The required switching action – normally open or normally closed – is set at the factory and cannot be changed later.


A general distinction is made between the three designs: surface-mounted, flush-mounted and combination:


The relay includes a DIN rail fastener (35 mm) with connector plate and clamp.


This design is for switch panel mounting with clamping frame. The contact protective cap conforms to BGV A3.


This design is for annunciator relays to be accommodated in one combination housing.