Cable Entry System: Simple. Structured. Reliable

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Cable entry systems are in increasing demand as an efficient alternative to heavy-duty plug-in connectors and cable glands. Phoenix Contact offers a well designed system solution: from system and field cabling to the DIN rail.

 Cable entry systems have their place for system or data cables in which the connection on site is not acceptable for time cost reasons and error rate. In additional, with Cable Entry System, it is possible to install cables and wires in the cabinet on a small area.


CES is a efficient and effective implementation especially of control, signal and date cables in the application area control panels and large enclosure junction boxes

Benefits to use CES cable entry system:

–  Direct and easy mounting on standard panel cutouts

–  No tools necessary for latch locking frame

–  Fast installation and reliable seal up to IP65

–  Space saving over conventional plug-in connection and cable gland

–  Cable sleeves for every application




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