A Simple Tip to Help Ensure Your Power Supply Is Running Efficiently

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The power supply is typically the largest processor of power in the cabinet and therefore power efficiency is an important factor.

Low-efficiency power supplies translate into extra heat in a control cabinet, which necessitates the need for a larger cooling system, resulting in higher energy consumption.
Engineers need to be aware of the efficiencies of the power supplies they design into their control systems.

Power Supply Efficiency

Power Supply Efficiency

The typical temperature within a control cabinet operating at 80% nominal power measures approximately 30°C; assuming the power supply is 92% efficient. However, if the power supply is 2% less efficient (90%), it may increase the temperature in the cabinet by as much as 10°C.

Most power supplies today have an efficiency rating above 90% but there is still room for improvement in terms of energy efficiency by the way we load our power supplies.
The best practice is to ensure that the power supply has only 50% loading.

If your project requires 5A of power, choose an efficient power supply that is able to offer 10A. This ensures that at the maximum operating capacity of the design, you are always running at 50% loading (assuming no additional loads were added to the system). But how do you know if your power supply is supplying 50% to the load? You can always use the tried and tested way of using the multimeter.

QUINT 4 LED Display

QUINT 4 LED Display

Phoenix Contact’s new QUINT 4 power supplies have onboard power LEDs displays that will let you know at what level of output your power supply is performing. The LEDs will let you now if the DC supply is “On“, performing at “>50%“, “>75%” or “>100%“. Even without a multimeter, you will be able to determine the current loading of your power supplies in real time.

In my next article, I will show you how to create a redundant, balanced power supply system that will provide you with adequate power efficiently and also extend the life of your power supply.

Click Here to find out more about Phoenix Contact’s QUINT 4 Power Supply.

Need An Affordable Custom Housing For Your Raspberry Pi Project?

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We are living in a fast paced society whereby information is moving at a incredible rate. The  infrastructure has evolved from traditional mail to fax to email. Despite its speed, the device is still shrinking in size. Gone are the days when people were buying big and bulky devices.
I still remember that my first personal computer was the 486 Compaq (It was the state of the art at that time). It came with a huge CRT monitor.

I could never imagine over the course of 20 years, the computer could shrink even further to a pocket size. Enter the new generation of micro-computing, the Raspberry Pi; the single board computer.  Since its introduction in 2012, Raspberry Pi devices has sold over 10 Million set.

Raspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi’s application is limited by our own imagination. This could range from hobbies to professional applications which require high-quality, functional enclosures and connection technology (e.g Home Automation).

The professional devices need to be assembled and used in installation distributors or control cabinets in a safe way and in accordance with the applicable standards – especially if they are part of a commercial building or industrial automation solution. It is also essential to have simple and reliable wiring – when connecting sensors to the general purpose IO (GPIO), for example – if the Raspberry Pi is being used in a production environment. Furthermore, wiring should be completed quickly, and connecting GPIOs to expansion boards should not require additional time-consuming steps, especially during assembly.

Raspberry Pi Housing Solution

Raspberry Pi Housing Solution

To cater for such needs, Phoenix Contact produced the RPI-BC, the Raspiberry Pi enclosure solution.

Advantages such as

  1. Plug and Play. Tool-free mounting
  2. Spacious for additional PCB boards
  3. GPIO strip can be used with compact size PTSM series connectors
  4. Easy module-to-module connection via bus connector and DIN rails

Please click for more info about Raspberry Pi enclosure
If you would like a sample, please drop me an ivanang@phoenixcontact.com.sg or text @ +65 6435 9801.

Energy Meter with Data-logging – Reduce Your Cost Dramatically

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In process plants, energy usage is the largest single expense. Plant owners are always finding ways to run the plant in a more energy efficient manner and develop an energy management culture. Before you can run the plant process at an energy-optimised level, you will need to be able to measure and capture energy usage at different parts of the plant. Once you are armed with the data, only then will you know exactly where the areas of highest energy consumption are and how you can reduce costs by improving energy efficiency.

Alongside energy consumption, the quality of the energy supplied, the reliability of supply and effective system utilization also play an important role in ensuring profitability for the plant. This provides plant owners with another reason for continuous measurement and analysis of energy consumption.

One investment that helps plant owners to achieve energy optimization is energy meter data-logging.

Energy management topology

Energy management topology

Phoenix Contact’s EMpro energy meters acquire and monitor the characteristic electrical data of your machines and systems. The network-capable EMpro monitor characteristic electrical data centrally and on site. The modular controller gathers all relevant energy characteristics of the production processes and logs these in an SQL database. Once logged, the data can be displayed in an intuitive manner using web-based software or, as a common practice for oil storage companies, the energy consumption (Voltage, Current and Watt) can be output into your desired printable invoice format,

There are many ways to achieve energy optimisation, one of which is leveraging on technologies such as variable frequency drive (VFD). VFD, apart from its primary feature of being energy saving, also has the advantage of prolonging the life span of the motor. However, implementing technologies such as VFD is costly and energy data-logging can definitely be used to justify your VFD investment.

Now, does it not sound like investing in energy data-logging solutions is killing multiple birds with just one stone?

Find out more about increasing Energy Efficiency with our solutions or how our
Remote Control/Remote Maintenance solutions can help cut down wired connections but still provide signal consistency and reliability.

Living in a Singapore HDB flat

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As a Malaysian, I grew up living in landed property houses; we are lucky in the sense where we have more land area for the individual to enjoy. Why do we love landed property so much? Well, you can easily associate the lifestyle of living in landed properties with building your control panel with single of double deck terminal blocks. Let me show you why. Continue reading


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heavycon connectors

Heavycon Complete


In the blog post written earlier in June this year, we talked about the new addition to the HEAVYCON Complete family – HEAVYCON modular. Today, we would like to go in depth and tell you more about HEAVYCON Complete.

First, let me give you a brief introduction on heavy duty connector. It consists of a pair of contact inserts and the housing which is made up of a base and a hood.  In Phoenix Contact, HEAVYCON comes in 3 different models to suit your different requirements.


heavycon evo

Heavycon Evo

Uniquely Phoenix Contact!  HEAVYCON EVO is specially designed for users who are unable to determine direction of the cable entry. By simply twisting the special bayonet gland, the direction of the cable entry can be changed as desire. Furthermore, the special bayonet gland comes in 4 different sizes ranging from M20 to M40 that fit all the HEAVYCON EVO housings. This basically means that you can save up to 70% of the logistic cost when you’re using various sizes of the housings.


heavycon standard connectors

Heavycon Standard

HEAVYCON Standard comes in 2 parts- a panel mounting base and a hood. Like HEAVYCON EVO, HEAVYCON Standard can be plugged and unplugged easily without the use of additional tools. A huge array of different combination is available depending on your needs, be it single latch, double latches or box mounting (where no panel cut out is required). All our metal housings are made of AlSi12 aluminium which is seawater resistant. Thus, suitable for marine application



heavycon advance connector


Instead of panel mounting base like HEAVYCON EVO and Standard, HEAVYCON Advance uses panel mounting flange which reduces the height of the connector. Need higher IP rating? HEAVYCON Advance is IP69K rated which means that it is dust tight and is able to withstand powerful high temperature water jet.



HEAVYCON Connection Technologies

Push-in connection

Push-in Connection

Spring-cage connection

Spring-cage Connection

Crimped connection

Crimped Connection

Screw-in connection

Screw-in Connection

QUICKON connection

QUICKON Connection

From the most widely used, screw connection and crimp connection to push-in connection technology that’s uniquely Phoenix Contact. Our HEAVYCON connectors come with a wide array of connection technology that will suit individual needs.

Rugged and All-weather

Last but not least, HEAVYCON plastic connectors are tested in accordance with numerous national and international standards. They are definitely as rugged as the metal connectors.

IP Protection test DIN EN 60529

IP Protection Test
DIN EN 60529

HEAVYCON vibration test

Vibration Test

HEAVYCON Temperature Shock Test

Temperature Shock Test
IEC 60512-11-4, test 11d

HEAVYCON IK08 Shock Resistance Test

IK08 Shock Resistance Test
DIN EN 50102

HEAVYCON Rollover Test

Rollover Test
DIN IEC 62196-1

HEAVYCON Dynamic Lateral Load Test

Dynamic Lateral Load Test
DIN EN 60512-5

IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard – Are your Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) tested and compliant?

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Surge Protective Devices Must Meet Standards

Surge protective devices (SPDs) must provide defined protective functions and performance parameters in order to be suitable for use in corresponding protection concepts. As such, they are developed, tested, and classified according to their own international series of product standards.
Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems are subjected to the requirements and test methods specified by the latest IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard.

A true mark of quality is a product certification and approval from an independent testing institute. This confirms the fulfillment of the latest state-of-art product standard to ensure highest safety and integrity of the SPDs. The regulatory requirements placed on SPDs often require highly complex tests that only a few testing laboratories in the world are fully capable of carrying out.

How do you know?

The quality and performance of surge protective devices are hard for a customer to assess. Correct functioning can only be tested in suitable laboratories. Besides the external appearance and haptics, only the technical data provided by the manufacturer can provide any guidance. Even more important is a reliable statement from the manufacturer & certification/approval regarding the performance of the SPD and the execution of the tests specified in the respective product standard from series IEC 61643.

Safe Energy Control SPD

Safe Energy Control (SEC) SPD

In line with the revision of the most recent IEC/EN 61643-11 International Standard, the latest range of Safe Energy Control (SEC) SPDs from Phoenix Contact is furnished with independent certifications (i.e. KEMA/DEKRA, DNV/GL, UL). The SEC protective devices work discreetly in the background, providing consistent safeguarding for the entire system even in cases where high lightning surge currents are being discharged.

cb testing certificateCB Test Certificate ul certificateUL Certificate
dmv gl certificateDNV GL Certificate kema dekra certificateKEMA DEKRA Certificate

If you would like to download a copy of the certificate(s), just fill up the form below.

Name (required)

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Monthly Exercise - Basketball

Is your company promoting a healthy workplace?

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In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to spend most of the day sitting at a desk or inside the office, therefore implementing health programs at the workplace has become an important aspect every company should look into. The idea of health, happiness, and productivity at work are related with the concept of healthy workplace, a company has the opportunity to foster the three ideas to the employee’s benefit through corporate wellness programs.
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Marking Wherever You Want!

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THERMOFOX handheld printer

Mobile handheld printer

The handy THERMOFOX thermal transfer printer marks labels, signs, and shrink sleeves supplied in rolls directly on-site, and can be used in all areas of industrial marking.
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