Reliable solution for the food industry – M12 cabling

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Hygiene safety is top priority in the food industry. Cabling for food processing must able to withstand against aggresive cleaning agents during common cleaning

Read on to find out what are the advantages of using our cabling!

The food industry places the highest demands on components and materials with respect to the degree of protection, corrosion resistance, and hygiene. Phoenix Contact offers a complete solution for applications in this sector.

The special hygienic design makes the plug-in connectors particularly easy to clean. The use of stainless steel ensures comprehensive protection against corrosion and contamination can be quickly detected thanks to the light-colored molding.

The demands placed on plug-in connectors vary depending on the area of application – Phoenix Contact offers the ideal solution for every application.

Not only that, there are other advantages as well!

– Designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry
– Easy to clean with no dirt pockets
– Corrosion -resistant with the use of stainless steel type 1.4404
– All components are IP69K tested
– Electrical components are geared to meet guidelines of European Hygiene Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
– Material resistance to ECOLAB cleaning agents and disinfectants.



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