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Modular Electronics Housings as a Modular System

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Phoenix Contact presents a new series of modular electronics housings for control cabinet applications.

The Industrial Case System (ICS) series includes a wide range of overall widths, heights and depths, as well as the optional TBUS8 eight-position DIN rail connectors for simple module-to-module communication.

Users have flexible options for equipping the housing with various connections, such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB or antenna sockets, enabling the integration of countless functions. Different colors, printings and component versions enable individualized and application-oriented device solutions. PCB connectors and the appropriate headers with a pitch of 5.0 mm round out the range of accessories.

The three- or four-position connectors are designed for currents up to 16 A and voltages up to 300 V and enable simple conductor connection using a screw or Push-in spring connection.

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Harsh Environment PCB Enclosure

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Selecting an enclosure is simplified by reviewing the sizes of the components & the PCB board that is to be enclosed, followed by the aesthetic look. However, when choosing an enclosure suitable for a harsh environment, the requirements become complex. Several things need to considered, such as how the enclosure is going to be mounted, whether the enclosure needs a vent, what is the degree of protection, what kind of test needs to be performed and many more.

Making a wrong choice can be extremely destructive, brand damaging and it also signals the end of the product.

What we can offer

Phoenix Contact presents new housings for electronics, for especially harsh ambient conditions. The robust housings of the Environment Case System (ECS) series with IP69 degree of protection are suited for a broad temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, and reliably protect the integrated electronics from physical influences.

  • Ideal solution for applications both indoors and outdoors
  • Protection class IP66/69
  • Protection against dust, water and UV-radiation
Main features Customer benefits
Vented or Unvented Enclosures Using the vented version allows pressure to escape to reduce the stress on the seal and also allows any condensation built up to escape, protecting the valued electronics inside the enclosure.
Tamper Protection Allows manufacturers or installers to add tamper evidence security in the latch areas to tell if anyone has opened the product in the end application.
Accepts 1.57mm and 2.36 mm thick PCBs


Customers are able to choose which thickness they want to use for their PCB design.
Pole Mounting (Accessory) Using our pole mount accessories the customer can easily mount their device on a pole (mast) or frame.
PCB Lock Integrating this accessory allows technicians to only pull the PCB out of the enclosure to a set length. It can also prevent the PCB and faceplate from falling out of the enclosure when unlatching.

Setting the Standard

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Phoenix Contact Singapore, apart from being a components supplier, also offers assembly options for our customers. As customers’ needs become more diversified and to help them retain their competitive edge, we have the Value-Added Centre (VAC) that allows us to extend an added service in the form of assembly or printing etc. to you customers.

Most recently, we have also supplied enclosure boxes and the designing of the components that would go inside. Thereafter, upon successful assembly, the specifications would be recorded and it serves as future reference should the enclosure require replication.

Such a service can be as simple as a creating a small enclosure (pictured below), with some of the components including terminal blocks, a power supply, cable termination and labelling.

Figure 1: A sample or prototype enclosure box with PxC components

Figure 1: A sample or prototype enclosure box with PxC components

The choice of terminal blocks used depends on the customer’s requirement. Over here, a push-in connection was preferred for easy and quick connection. Other types of terminal blocks that we have include spring-cage, screw, bolt etc. We also carry different models of our Phoenix Contact power supply depending on the functionality required(i.e. Quint, Trio, UNO)  in order to maximise the availability of your systems using leading technology. Finally, label printing, which is one of our most commonly requested services, allow customers to have the flexibility to label the components to their own preferred way.

Figure 2: An enclosure

Figure 2: An enclosure

The junction box or enclosure chosen may be from Phoenix Contact or a brand of the customer’s choice, depending on the conditions where the box will be placed. Usually our sales representatives will engage our Solutions Team to ensure conditions are met and to have the customer approve the design before proceeding with production or assembly. Designs may include electrical drawings and component layouts.

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

In conclusion, apart from being a component supplier, we believe in creating a working relationship with our customers that goes both ways. With our VAC, we are able to provide a service that is uniquely catered to different customers from various industry sectors.

Multi-functional Enclosure – ME-PLC

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Phoenix Contact ME-PLC enclosureIn a recent application design, a customer was looking to replace their standard metal communication rack as they want something more versatile. They needed an off-the-shelf solution but yet offered flexibility to be customized to suit the needs of their customers.

Multi-functional Enclosure, ME-PLC – The Obvious Choice

The ME-PLC was the obvious choice. Together with a large PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly area, this multi-functional enclosure system offers a high functionality for a wide range of applications. The ME-PLC enclosure offers enough space for a large PCB so as to accommodate complex circuitries.

Phoenix Contact's ME-PLC in a cabinet

If more PCB cards are required, the din rail T-bus connectors will allow chained connections for different configurations and setup. Moreover, the customer can build standard cards and allow end-users to choose the final configuration.

ME-PLC LED displayLEDs and 7 segment displays can be placed, on the top front of the housing, for identification and notification purpose based on the users design and purpose of the PCB which is critical for customer’s design.

ME-PLC enclosure with leverSince the product is a communication device, the plug-in front connection comes with a lever that enables easy disconnection. This is an advantage especially when there is a need for rewiring in tight spaces where accessibility to the housing is a challenge .

Currently, no enclosure in the market allows for such versatility and high functions in one package.

More Than Just Cost Savings

The customer sees the benefits of using a multi-functional enclosure like the ME-PLC instead of using metal racks to house the PCB cards, as it will help save:

  1. Cost of housing material (8 sets of ME-PLC can bring about 30% saving from traditional metal racks)
  2. Space in the cabinet when din rail mounted
  3. Easy connect and disconnection when troubleshooting

Besides PCB terminal blocks, different connections can be applied on this enclosure such as USB, D-subs, RJ45, etc. All that is required is to laser cut the flat front cover for the opening of the connectors required. The connector options are endless.

So now you understand how a Phoenix Contact customer in communication device will benefit from the ME-PLC. Other suitable applications for ME-PLC include:

  1. Driver cards
  2. Alarm and remote control systems
  3. Measurement systems

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Look no further as there is no other housing like the ME-PLC. Check out our website to find out more or leave us your contact at and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

BC Enclosure – Flexibility and Ease of Design

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Phoenix Contact's BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact’s most flexible and easy to design electronic enclosure series – The BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact is well known for terminal blocks and connectors. However, many customers do not know that Phoenix Contact offer solutions for enclosure for PCB. As a matter of fact, Phoenix Contact offers 13 series of electronic enclosures ranging from basic to IP-rated field enclosures.

As for this article, I would like to highlight one of Phoenix Contact’s most popular and easy-to-design enclosures, the BC Enclosure. This BC enclosure is very suitable for many building applications like door access, alarm systems, HVAC controllers, etc due to its modular, easily customizable design. Despite it is widely used in Building Automation applications, we also have customers from other industries utilizing the BC enclosure for their devices.

Due to its flexibility in design, a Malaysian OEM for Remote Terminal Units (RTU) has opted to re-designed new compact RTU to replace bulky first generation RTU.

Old Design (bulky system)

Remote Terminal Unit

We approached the customer when they were in the initial design phase of a compact RTU that is Din-rail mountable. Initially, the customer did not know that Phoenix Contact offers enclosures. It was during one of our roadshows where we showcased all our enclosure series that they became interested in the BC series.

As Phoenix Contact is able to provide various customization, this customer requested for the BC enclosure to be in red colour ; their corporate colour.

During the entire design phase, we engaged the design team to provide all the necessary support in terms of datasheets, installation manual, 3D diagrams, etc.

The final Din-rail mountable, compact RTU is shown in the photo below.

New Design (with Red Corporate Colour)Building Controller Enclosure RTU Design

Building Controller Enclosure RTU in Panel

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Display Carrier System: Enclosure for Display system

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Display Carrier System
The Display Carrier System protects mobile and stationary displays from mechanical impacts as well as from dust and water spray. Typical areas of application include laboratory and analysis technology as well as healthcare and building automation.

Protection degree: IP54

Membrane keypad

Membrane keypad

Temperature range: -20℃ to +50℃
Display size: 5.7”, 7” and 15”
Material: shock-resistant ABS plastic
Color: light gray (RAL 7035)
Advantage for customer
Easy integration of displays

LCD Display

LCD Display

Direct entry possible via membrane keypad
Convenient handling
Battery integration
Customize versions for special requirement
Market Applications
Building automation Phoenix Contact Panel PC
Monitoring System

If you would like to find out more about Phoenix Contact’s Display Carrier System, check out our website or leave us your contact and I will get in touch with you soon.

Importance of choosing the right PCB enclosure

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What is considered important when it comes to choosing the right PCB enclosure. Let us guide you through the process.

Price? Style? Service & support? Reputation of the supplier?

In the matter of fact, all of above are essential. The engineers should select the enclosure at first and then choice the mechanical & electronic components to suit the enclosure.
We need to consider

The 3 common plastic enclosures are ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyester which are high functionality, light weight, flexible in design.

The Ingress Protection
The ingress protection classification DIN EN 60529 determines and rates protection against solid particle (e.g. dust) as well as liquid incursion.

The letters IP (ingress protection) is followed by a two-digit number; the first digit indicates the level of Solid particle protection and the second digit indicate Liquid ingress protection. IP Code

Environmental Considerations
How the enclosure will last over many years of operation depends on how well you evaluate the environmental impact of elements such as UV rays, temperature, airborne debris, etc.
Different materials offer varying degrees of impact resistance.

The internal and external dimensions of a PCB enclosure is extremely important. Sadly, in many cases, the PCB is chosen first and this makes it difficult for the engineer to source the best fit enclosure solution.

Modification of Standard Enclosures
The enclosure supplier may need to support modifications with value-added services that include drilling, milling, printing, color, etc. Some suppliers can even provide advance services like fitting membrane keypads, displays on the enclosure, etc as a complete solution.

Ease of Assembly
A complex PCB design may make it difficult to assemble electronic and mechanical components in the enclosure, which make is an important point to consider when selecting an enclosure.

Range of PCB Enclosure

Check out Phoenix Contact’s range of enclosures here

We, at Phoenix Contact, understand your problems and offer a wide range of options for shape, color, and function when it comes to choosing the right enclosure. Whether on a wall or on a DIN rail, from light gray to sky blue, narrow or wide, many many to choose from. With the two new enclosures, Universal case system (UCS)  and Environment case system (ECS) added into the selection, it is much easier to choose your enclosure.

Please view the Enclosure brochure.

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The NEW Universal Electronics Housing: Embedded System Smart Packaged

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The new UCS Housing

The Universal Case System, by Phoenix Contact

Specific solutions often require very specific housing designs.

The concept for the new universal electronics housing (UCS) from Phoenix Contact makes it easy for equipment manufacturers to source for suitable packaging for their embedded system.

Trends such as industry 4.0, Internet of Things, LTE (Long Term Evolution – 4th generation mobile communications) and Smart Home are increasingly utilizing the networking of electronics.

The devices used are based on embedded systems.

New application fields create a large number of electronic assemblies. Because of this, it is often difficult to find a suitable housing.

With its flexible PCB mounting system, the new UCS by Phoenix Contact helps device manufacturers to implement the application quickly and hassle free.

Find out why you should consider our latest UCS in your embedded projects

Need An Affordable Custom Housing For Your Raspberry Pi Project?

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We are living in a fast paced society whereby information is moving at a incredible rate. The  infrastructure has evolved from traditional mail to fax to email. Despite its speed, the device is still shrinking in size. Gone are the days when people were buying big and bulky devices.
I still remember that my first personal computer was the 486 Compaq (It was the state of the art at that time). It came with a huge CRT monitor.

I could never imagine over the course of 20 years, the computer could shrink even further to a pocket size. Enter the new generation of micro-computing, the Raspberry Pi; the single board computer.  Since its introduction in 2012, Raspberry Pi devices has sold over 10 Million set.

Raspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi’s application is limited by our own imagination. This could range from hobbies to professional applications which require high-quality, functional enclosures and connection technology (e.g Home Automation).

The professional devices need to be assembled and used in installation distributors or control cabinets in a safe way and in accordance with the applicable standards – especially if they are part of a commercial building or industrial automation solution. It is also essential to have simple and reliable wiring – when connecting sensors to the general purpose IO (GPIO), for example – if the Raspberry Pi is being used in a production environment. Furthermore, wiring should be completed quickly, and connecting GPIOs to expansion boards should not require additional time-consuming steps, especially during assembly.

Raspberry Pi Housing Solution

Raspberry Pi Housing Solution

To cater for such needs, Phoenix Contact produced the RPI-BC, the Raspiberry Pi enclosure solution.

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Advantages such as

  1. Plug and Play. Tool-free mounting
  2. Spacious for additional PCB boards
  3. GPIO strip can be used with compact size PTSM series connectors
  4. Easy module-to-module connection via bus connector and DIN rails

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New EH Housing from Phoenix Contact

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Introducing the latest addition to housing family, EH housing – the universal housing system with modular concept which is tailored for your electronic application needs.

EH housing offers you simple design-in, thanks to its variable housing form factor – high and flat design!

Pic 1                        Pic 2

Let us look into details of this marvelous housing family. For a functional device concept, PCBs can be installed in all three space direction. Free choices of PCB connection technologies are available from Phoenix Contact. We have them all incorporated seamlessly into our latest EH housing. From conventional terminal blocks, plug and headers, to RJ 45, or even USB ports, to cover your wide range of today’s electronic application!

Pic 3

Pic 4

Do you want to house your PCB?

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