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Phoenix Contact at IRSE ASPECT 2017

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Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) was originated in the UK and it is the professional engineering institution for all those engaged or interested in railway signalling, control and communications and allied disciplines. The purpose of IRSE is to promote high standards of professionalism and to support train control technology for the benefit of public.

IRSE ASPECT 2017 is supported by Singapore and Australian Sections and it was held in Singapore from 28th-29th November.  This 9th ASPECT event is the first event to be hosted outside the UK with the themes of Metro Technologies, Professional Development, High Speed Rail and Condition Monitoring.

There were more than 200 delegates who registered for the conference inclusive of international railway signalling companies such as Siemens, Thales, Bombardier, Alstom and ST Electronics; the consultants such as CH2M, Aecom and other system and component suppliers. Aside from them, the other important delegates included those of railway authorities and operators from different parts of the world such as Singapore (e.g. LTA, SMRT Trains, SMRT Corporation and SBS Transit), Australia (e.g. Rail System Australia, Metro Trains Melbourne, Queensland Rail, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Public Transport Authority of WA, Victorian Level Crossing Removal Authority, Transport for NSW, Public Transport Victoria, Metro Trains Sydney), Indonesia (e.g. PT Len Railway Systems, PT Lens Industri), Malaysia (e.g. MRT Corporation), Japan (e.g. East Japan Railway Company), Thailand (e.g. Bangkok Expressway and Metro), Finland (e.g. Finnish Transport Agency), UK (Ricardo Rail UK), Ireland (Northern Ireland Railways), Switzerland (e.g. Swiss Federal Railways).

Phoenix Contact had participated the 2-day exhibition on 28th and 29th November during all the breaks in the ASPECT Conference. Our key message to the participants of this event was to show the competency of Phoenix Contact as their partner for reliability and safety in signalling. The components exhibited included power supply and redundancy modules, UPS and battery, network switches, signal and power SPD, terminal blocks, heavy duty and data connectors, markers and tools.

Phoenix Contact booth at IRSE ASPECT

Thank you to those who dropped by our booth and expressed interest in our products such as MRT Corporation, E-MAS, Singapore RE, LTA, PT Len Raiway Systems, Selectrail, IEEE, STE, SMRT, Public Transport Authority Western Australia, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority etc.

On top of those components, there are three essential solutions for the railway signalling application as follows:

  1. SPD deployment solutions for both signal and power lines with easy installation, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  2. Redundant DC power supply system for critical equipment to ensure continuous operation with digital and analog signal monitoring.
  3. Customized panel solutions as per special requirements

“Speeding Test”

We also had a fun time with participants who joined our “Speeding Test” by inserting the conductors into Phoenix Contact Push-In (PT) Terminal Blocks and releasing it, with the time taken being recorded for 22 pieces of terminal blocks. The fastest speed record for inserting and releasing is 30s and 15s respectively!

If you had missed this exhibition and would like to find out more information, please feel free to contact us at!

Be the Future-Ready Graduate

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Phoenix Contact is constantly in need of the energy and enthusiasm that young graduates bring to the organisation. One of the efforts to make the talent hiring more straightforward is the participation in career fairs hosted for fresh graduates. Phoenix Contact participates in career fairs twice a year in renowned Universities and Polytechnics in Singapore.  In the second half of this year, Phoenix Contact joined Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Career and Education Fair on 15 November 2017. There were fifty organisations participating in this event from various industries, such as Energy and Engineering, Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction, Banks and Government Agencies as well Educational Institutions.

During the event, the company gets to connect with the students who are exploring career options or internship opportunities. There are hundreds of applicants expressing their interests through discussions and submitting their resumes directly to the Company. This is one of the unique personal experiences that students cannot find through an online job portal.

Based on previous career fair experiences, we noticed that students need to put more effort to leave a lasting impression on the employer, either for employment or internship opportunities. By looking at past experiences, here is some advice that could help students to make the most of the career fair:

  1. Select your preferred company

Before the event, most career fairs advertise the list of participating employers through the internet or student portal. Think about which employers you want to connect with and prioritise them accordingly, taking into account personal interest and suitability.

  1. Do your homework

Studies proved that students who researched the companies they are interested in tend to present themselves as well-prepared and motivated and are more likely to impress the recruiters.

  1. Prepare your resume

Companies who participate in career fairs are not just there to offer opportunities to fresh graduates, but they are also looking out for post graduates who could potentially fit into their organisations. Therefore, an updated resume is a must whenever visiting career fair.

  1. Dress to impress

What you wear and how you look will ensure you make a lasting and positive first impression, so dress professionally and comfortably.

  1. Remember your own WOW factor

Every employer at the career fair is meeting hundreds of young people like you. You need to find out what makes you different from everyone else, this extra effort ensures you show up as an enthusiastic job seeker, and ensures you will be noticed.

  1. Follow up with an email 

Even though an employer may accept your resume at a career fair, it does not automatically make you stand out as a candidate for the job. Get the email address of the recruiter at the company’s booth and send a thank you email to the recruiter for his or her time, and attach your resume again. Do not forget to show enthusiasm and demonstrate your desire for the job in your email.

Career fairs are all about being remembered among a sea of candidates, above check list will direct you to leave a lasting impression on recruiters in a career fair.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting career with us at Phoenix Contact?

Retrofitting of Power Supply with Redundancy

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A Tricky Problem

One of our customers in the system-integrating industry was awarded a retrofitting job for safety shutdown package. However, the existing infrastructure in their plant has been functional for over 10 years and hence they faced a challenge to propose an equally efficient solution to act as a power source. This is critical to the end user as this would ensure the functionality of all devices in the control cabinet. We were briefed in detail of the project requirements.

System Requirements:

    • Full redundancy of AC UPS & DC UPS
    • Load current: 45A for both AC & DC power
    • Auto current balancing

The main problem faced by our customer was the need of a DC/DC converter which could output a current of 45A. Another obstacle faced was the absence of auto current balancing products, which were not supplied by many manufacturers.

Exisitng wiring diagram for redundant power supply

Fig 1: Diagram of existing wiring installation

Devising a Solution

With Quint power supply’s Power Boost feature, the customer was able to achieve a maximum current of 25A. However, by connecting two 20A DC/DC converter units in parallel, the customer was able to yield a greater maximum output current of 50A. By adding a Quint-ORING Redundancy Module, we also dealt with the lack of auto current balancing. The load current would automatically be equally distributed by the Quint-ORING Module. With permanent redundancy monitoring of the input voltage, output current and decoupling section, the loss of redundancy would be reported before the entire system shuts down.

Proposed Design:

  1. Quint 40A Power Supply
  2. Quint 20A DC/DC Converter Unit x 2
  3. Quint-ORING Redundancy Module 24DC (2×20/1×40) unit x 1
  4. Quint-ORING Redundancy Module 24DC (2×40/1×80) unit x 2
proposal drawing for Phoenix Contact's redundant power supply solution

Fig 2: Proposed Design

Control cabinet with Phoenix Contact's redundant power supply solution

Fig 3: Control Cabinet

After several rounds of discussion and clarification of the technical aspects, our proposal was accepted by the customer. To achieve even distribution of current, we recommend the following:

  1. All power supply units connected in parallel must be set to the same output voltage
  2. All cables should have the same length and cross-sectional area

If you require any technical advice on your current project, feel free to contact us. We can be your trusted partner to provide creative solutions to fit your needs!

Process Control Systems with Conventional Signal Connection

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The industrial world is undergoing a major transformation; an industrial revolution by changing production methods and systems. In the past, most production systems employed human labor in many of the stages. Progressively, the development of simple tools and subsequently, machines that could handle simple to complex operations produced what we now call the “factory system”.This new industrial revolution will transcend borders. The emphasis is on the creation of intelligent systems in the production process; making machinery and the equipment highly flexible through automation. The automation programs can be designed to meet the production requirements of each industry. This includes real-time monitoring and visualization capabilities that will greatly benefit production planning and overall mechanical performance.

One obvious area that has seen steady development in intelligent systems is Industrial Robotics. Due to the increasing demand for consumer goods, manual labor alone is not enough to produce the required supply. Robots are utilized for the enhancement of the manufacturing industry. Although most of them are used only in the automobile industry, they will be increasingly used in other industries in the future.

Process Industry based on digital and analog signals

In the Process Industry, the engineers are responsible for the production methods. These steps must be controlled to minimize waste, utilize suitable working methods as well as facilitate appropriate use of machinery in the production line. This includes investigating factors which reduce production and providing solutions to deal with these causes. This is the reason why engineers need to plan out the Process Design and choose the necessary equipment and tools that are reliable, durable and suitable for the process. Most of these tools should be easy to use as well as deliver both analog and digital signals.

Products for conventional signal connection

  1. MACX Analog Ex – Universal signal conditioners

    MACX Analog Ex

    MACX Analog Ex

MACX Analog Ex is able to integrate analog signals and apply them safely according to the Machinery Directive with MACX Safety.

  1. MINI Analog Pro – Highly compact signal conditioners with plug-in connection technology.MINI Analog Pro Signal Conditioners

MINI Analog Pro are easy accessible terminal points with plug-in connection and current measurement technology during operation that helps to save time.

  1. PLC-INTERFACE – The complete relay system.

The connection between PLC-INTERFACE and system cabling has a simple wiring system so it can be done quickly, saving time and money.

Phoenix Contact's PLC-INTERFACE relay system

  1. PSR Safety Relay Modules – Power Amplification and Separation.

PSR Safety Relays

PSR Safety Relay Modules have 2 classes : PSRclassic and PSRmini. Both are certified by SIL.

  1. Surge protection – Protecting your systems.

Phoenix Contact's TERMITRAB range SPD

Surge protection help to avoid system failures for all applications and protect voltage surges that can have devastating effects.

  1. Standard termination boards and cables – Compact setup

Phoenix Contact Termination Board

Termination boards and cables are compact solutions that easy planning, mounting, and startup that help reduce costs and save time.

Phoenix Contact  has a complete range of products for signal connection that can meet the needs of the customer in all industries and in all production processes. For further information about Phoenix Contact products, you can find out more through our website or our online brochure.