FAME 2 – “Masuk (Enter), Tolak (Push), Pulas Atas (Twist Upwards), Pulas Bawah (Twist Downwards)”

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I remember when I was a kid and whenever my dad drops by a petrol station for petrol refueling everything was pretty much manual. Luckily in those days every petrol station in Malaysia you can find very helpful petrol attendants who will always ask “Penuh?” (“Full tank?”). Most of the time we as consumers never bothered to care about the refueling procedures as we know the petrol attendants will take care of the “complicated” procedures  for us.

All these “Relying on the Petrol Attendant for refueling” experience ended somewhere in 1999 where Petronas introduced the “self-service” concept for petrol refueling. It was a nightmare to a lot of Malaysians who think petrol refueling procedure is complicated but this change was necessary as Petronas was trying to have their petrol stations run more cost-effectively. To counter the fear of Malaysians towards self-service petrol refueling, Malaysians were being introduced to a revolutionary campaign of “Angkat (Lift), Tolak (Push), Masuk (Enter), Picit (Squeeze)”.

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*Get used to it, it is so simple!

Basically it meant by:

  1. You “Angkat” (Lift) the petrol pump from its dock
  2. You “Tolak” (Push) up the lever in the middle of the dock which usually activate the pump
  3. You “Masuk” (Enter) the nozzle into your gas tank
  4. You “Picit” (Squeeze) the trigger that starts the refueling.

While we are on this “Revolutionary campaign” topic, I would also like to share with you another revolutionary product from Phoenix Contact were will change your switchgear testing experience once and for all – FAME 2 (the innovative plug-in test system). FAME 2 makes your testing experience as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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What are FAME systems?

The gradual decentralization of the energy generation is increasing the number of switch gears and interfaces that must be checked regularly. In order to do the additional testing this requires without spending more time and money, it is necessary to combine complex switching operations in test block and route them into the control cabinet door if necessary. The FAME testing systems was developed specifically for this requirement. Now with FAME 2, you can now perform manual testing operations automatically, safely, and quickly! All with just one magical Test plug!

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Golden Question, HOW?

You can never imagine how simple it can be to conduct a complex test with our FAME 2 system. With the configured test plug, testing procedures are just “Masuk (Enter), Tolak (Push), Pulas (Twist), Keluar (Remove)”

Basically I mean by:

Before the test

1. You “Masuk” (Enter) the Test Plug into the Terminal block

2. You “Tolak” (Push) in the Test Plug to the fullest until and let the test for CT and VT begins!


*RED Indicator (Plug locked- test is ongoing)

After the test,

3. You “Pulas Atas” (Twist) the handle of the Test Plug (Upwards) for primary Removal.


*YELLOW Indicator (Plug Partially unlock- Current Transformer back to normal operation)

4. You “Pulas Bawah” (Twist) the handle of the Test Plug (Downwards) for full removal of the Test Plug and your test is done!


*GREEN Indicator (Plug fully unlocked- Voltage Transformer back to normal operation, test plug is safe to remove)

Switch gear testings have been easier with Phoenix Contact FAME 2 plug-in test system. With two mounting options (DIN-rail and Panel mount), you are allow to place the FAME 2 system in or outside your panel! Thus, with the integrated Push-in Technology, installation of the FAME 2 is fast and simple too!



 FAME 2 – the innovative plug-in test system that simplified your testing experience! –  “Masuk (Enter), Tolak (Push), Pulas Atas (Twist Upwards), Pulas Bawah (Twist Downwards)”




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