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Let there be Light

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Let there be light: Phoenix Contact Components for Reliable Power Grids

On 7 July 2017, Phoenix Contact Singapore Team organised a’ Dining in the Dark’ event as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.  In the short 2 hours without our sight, we experienced a range of emotions such as fear and helplessness. This event also allowed us to understand the challenges that persons with visual impairment faced daily. It is truly a meaningful event that we are thankful to be able to experience with the friends we made from work.

Phoenix Contact's 'Dining in the Dark' CSR Event

Phoenix Contact’s ‘Dining in the Dark’ CSR Event

In today’s world, it might not be an exaggeration to say that we will feel the fear and helplessness if we do not have access to electricity. For a start, life-sustaining equipment in hospitals will not be in operation. Many of life’s conveniences such as lights, entertainment, air-conditioning etc. will be stripped from us. For this, electrical grids are always considered critical infrastructure all around the world and efforts are made to ensure the grid is always operating. Phoenix Contact contributes to this reliability with our products. Below are some examples:

  1. Terminal blocks (Clipline Complete)Clipline terminal blocks
    Our terminal blocks are widely used in power industry. For quick installation in Marshalling/Pilot panel, our customers prefer the use of

    • Push-in connectionThis connection method is fast, do not require special tools, safe, ensure consistent and good connection for every insertion and ideal for areas with high vibration. Most importantly, unlike screw connection, over time, push-in connection does not loosen.
    • QTC connectionThere is no need to strip the wire using QTC connection, making it the fastest way for wire installations. Moreover, Phoenix Contact QTC terminal blocks do not require special tools!


  2. Protection terminal blocksURTK-6 Test Disconnect Terminal Block
    Especially for CT testing, where you have to make the testing circuit before breaking the transformer circuit, it is important to ensure that the “make-before-break” is done properly! Failure to do so results not just in power outage, but often death.
    Our solution is our range of test disconnect terminal blocks, clearly labelled to ensure operators know exactly what is being done. There are also ample spaces for accessories for you to do the necessary bridging and testing.
    Offering inspiring innovations, Phoenix Contact has come out with a test disconnect system. Instead of manually doing the switching, why not let our system take care of it for you with Fast And Modular Energy system (FAME).

  4. DC/DC Converter and Power SupplyQUINT DC/DC converter and Power Supplies
    Usually in substations, there will be 110VDC power supply. However, most electronics components (remote IO, network switch, RTU) requires 24VDC/48VDC power input.  For this purpose, many substations around the world choose Phoenix Contact Quint IV Power Supply. 
    Your advantages

    • SFB Technology selectively trips standard circuit breakers, loads connected in parallel continue working
    • Preventive function monitoring indicates critical operating states before errors occur
    • signalling thresholds and characteristic curves that can be adjusted via NFC maximize system availability
    • Easy system extension thanks to static boost; starting of difficult loads thanks to dynamic boost
    • High noise immunity, thanks  to integrated gas-filled surge arrester and more than 20 ms mains failure buffer time. Moreover, Phoenix Contact Quint IV Power Supply comes IEC61850-3 certified. This means that the unit can be used even for IEC61850 applications!

  6. Interposing relays
    With a wide range of relays, Phoenix Contact has the right solution for all standard relay applications, such as interposing relays.
    Your advantages

    • Easy handling, thanks to modern wiring and potential distribution concept
    • Easy extension to a timer relay, thanks to plug-in special function module
    • Complete product range covering all standard relay applications
    • Reliable system for high machine and system availability
    • Available as a complete module or modular system

    Easy Wire Termination  Easy Power Distribution  Complete Product Range

    Test Disconnect Push-in Connection

    Our relays with push-in termination technology provide fast and easy tool-free wiring. Simply push the wire into the terminal , using very little force. Remove the wire by pushing done on the release button, using a screwdriver or ballpoint pen.

    Test Diconnect Terminal Block Jumper

    Reduce your wiring time up to 70 percent by using our modular terminal block plug-in bridges. These time-saving bridges ensure a reliable connection and reduces the possibility of wiring errors.

    RIFLINE Complete

    Switch currents up to 16 A. From coupling relays to a replacement for small power contactors; the product range offers the right relay for every application. Benefit from a uniform and consistent system

  8. Heavycon (Heavy-Duty Connector)
    Substations have high EMC and electrostatic interferences. They are also generally not places that people like to hang around in! Heavycon can help to reduce installation/maintenance time and at the same time, ensure reliable power/data/signal transmission. With a modular system, you can combine Fibre, Ethernet, Serial, signals, power all in 1 connector!

HEAVYCON Modular Connector

For example,

  1. the Local control cabinet can be connected quickly to the bay cabinet
  2. The Circuit breaker compartment can be easily disconnected/connected to the switchgear


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Refineries of The Future – IIOT for Oil and Gas

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The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT, is revolutionising the way industries do businesses. Firms have to embrace automation and new technologies in order to keep up with a dynamic globalised environment.

By adopting IIOT at an early stage, it prevents a firm from lagging behind its competitors. Late adopters may see a rise in installation costs to implement these new technologies.

Current Practices are Outdated

From an industrial standpoint, many oil & gas refineries are still utilising traditional data analytics such as spreadsheets to analyse processes, as well as relying on past data to make operational decisions.

Refineries store millions of databases and thus it becomes a challenge for engineers to extract information from a cesspool of data. Additionally, for the sake of organising data, the organization may make use of foreign information systems that are not user-friendly.

As a result, refineries are considered to be data-rich but in hindsight, information-poor.

Process Plant

Using traditional data analytics, engineers often find themselves stranded with missing data. Typically, one would rely on past experiences to solve their engineering woes and make “informed decisions.” Just ask any engineer working in a refinery and they might just confess to using this prehistoric technique!

Refineries of The Future need to change how they organise data.

IIOT can help engineers analyse and compare their data in real-time. Vital parameters such as the temperature of a heat exchanger, flow rate of a valve or pressure of a pump can be monitored on the spot.

Advanced data analytics can perform audits and identify data correlation among statistics. If a deviation of results were to occur, the engineers will be notified immediately, in real-time. For instance, it is common for an instrument’s pressure reading to fluctuate. This could also be due to ordinary circumstances such as a spike in production. However, emergency situations such as pipe leakages could also cause abnormally low pressure readings. 

Engineers are able to justify these values with predictive analytics and thus determine the root cause.

Easier Said than Done

Adopting new technology is not without its challenges. In order for all the varying hardware to get connected, it has to comply with a single universal format that allows data to be unified. This might be expensive if you intend to hook up existing hardware to new technologies that may not be compatible.

PICS for Oil & Gas

How can PICS help?

With Phoenix Contact’s revolutionary IIOT Connectivity Solution (PICS), we eliminate the hassle of consolidating hardware with new technology. Furthermore, get everything assembled within seconds!

PICS combines new technology to drive your controllers and sensors and affixes them with your legacy equipment. This enables compatibility with our software, so that you can read your data the way you want it.

Who says IIOT technology needs to be expensive and complicated?

With PICS, you’ll have the ability to convert your backward refineries into Smart Refineries of tomorrow.

Don’t believe us? Request a free trial of PICS and experience what IIOT can do for your company today.

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IIOT systems

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Cable Harnessing Process – How To Improve in Quality and Productivity

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Cabinet CablingIn the Cable Harnessing Process, there are several steps such as Cable Cutting, Stripping, Crimping, Looming and Assembling (Tightening).

Today, most harnessing process are still done manually.

With a manual process, we will need more people, time and quality is also a concern due to human error.

Cable Connections

To improve this process, Phoenix Contact can now offer you solutions in Cutting, Stripping and Crimping with Automated Machines.

Manual VS Automated

Cutting Process

In a manual process, the operator will have to measure the cable length and cut by hand.

It’s fine for small number of cable, but can you imagine if the operator needs to measure hundreds, if not thousands of cables of the same length. There will invariably be inconsistency of lengths during the measurement and the cutting process.

Phoenix Contact's Automated tool Cutfox 10


To address this, Phoenix Contact has a solution with the CUTFOX 10. You only need to input the length and quantity of cables and this machine will measure and cut automatically; precisely with expected length and quantity. So the operator can leave the machine and do other process.

Stripping Process

Stripping process looks simple and not critical, but this process will affect to crimping result.

With manual stripping, normally we do not pay attention with the length of the insulation we need to strip.

If the stripping is too long, the wire will be showed outside the cable lug insulation.

And if the stripping too short, the cable lug will not crimp the wire in crimping area properly.

Phoenix Contact's Automated Tool - WF 1000

WF 1000

WF 1000 is the solution for this stripping process.

We can set precisely the stripping length, cable size and stripping mode.

With 0.3s stripping process, we can boost the output yet maintaining high quality.

Crimping Process

Crimping is the most critical process where it will affect the connection between the cable and crimped connector.

With manual crimping, crimping results defer from operator to the operator.

Stability and consistency will depend on the individual operator.

Phoenix Contact is able to provide this consistency though automated crimping machines for  cable lugs, ferrules, and other crimped connectors.

Phoenix Contact's CF 500 Crimping Machine Phoenix Contact's CF 3000 Crimping Machine Phoenix Contact's CF 1000 Crimping Machine
CF 500 CF 3000 CF 1000

These machines will produce fast, consistent and high quality crimping.

Cable harnessing process setup

This cable harnessing process setup was created for one of our customers and it has increased their productivity and quality tremendously compared to the manual process.

If you would like more information and support, please contact email me at witonosurya@phoenix or fill in the form below and I will get back to as soon as I can.

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Convert Relays into a Programmable Logic Controller

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Convert relays with Phoenix Contact PLC Logic

Convert relays into a programmable logic controller with PLC Logic.

Carry out small automation tasks with the highly compact PLC logic from Phoenix Contact using the combination of the advantages of our existing Plug-in Relays, Programmable Logic Modules and Software. This modular structure offers reliability and system availability of the individual components used. Wiring to the relays is tool-free with the use of Push-in Connections. Our PLC relays saves cost and space because terminal blocks are no longer necessary.

PLC Logic Software

Watch a video on how PLC Logic Module works.

PLC Logic Video

Interested in trying out our PLC logic?

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Imagine Darkness – An Unique Dining Experience

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Dining in the Dark SignOn 7 July 2017, Phoenix Contact SEA invited a total of 50 participants including customers and staff  to an unique dining experience, where they dined through ther sense of touch, sound and taste in complete darkness. This unconventional ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience was made possible with the support of Singapore Association of the Visual Handicapped (SAVH). It is an association that helps the visually handicapped to lead an independent life not only through education, and also by providing training for employment opportunities and mobility as well as ensuring that their welfare is being addressed.

Dining in the Dark - Massage

The event started with a massage session by visually handicapped masseurs and tea reception for all the guests, followed by introduction and briefing on ‘Dining in the Dark’ before all guests were led and seated by trained visually handicapped SAVH staff into the dining rooms.

Dining in the Dark - Registration

Dine without Sight

Throughout the dinner, our guests were served by visually handicapped waiters/waitresses who have been specifically trained to offer guidance and reassurance to our sighted guests throughout the 2 hours event. In the past, there have been guests who were overwhelmed by the total darkness. Imagine having to live through your whole life in darkness.

In the end, many of our guests found the whole dining experience a truly unique one. Not only did they had a great time spent with colleagues and business partners communicating purely through sound, they also experienced a reverse of roles where the blind become their ‘eyes’.

Customers recounting their dining experience

Customers recounting their dining experience

Customer group photo

It was an experience that can change the perspective of a sighted person, where they came face-to-face with some of the difficulties that a visually handicapped person has to go through in their daily life. It takes great courage and a strong positive attitude for a blind person to learn the ability to carry out tasks that many assume to be easy.

Group Photo with our customers

Thank you all for participating

We know that it is not easy when one loses his/her ability to see. Hence, through this event, in partnership with SAVH, Phoenix Contact would like to raise the awareness of the life challenges that a visually handicapped person faces.

Mission Complete group photo

Mission Complete

To find out more on how you can make a difference, please visit SAVH website at