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Phoenix Contact Has Industrial PCs (IPC) Too!

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Phoenix Contact has come a long way with our IPC.  Yes! Industrial PCs. We have always been known for our terminal blocks and other passive components such as relays and PCB connectors. However, Phoenix Contact is not a name one would link to IPCs.

Hydroelectric Power Station

Source: Ontario Power Station

Embarking on a drive to introduce active components during the 1970’s, the ‘Second Industrial Revolution’, success was achieved in the European Automotive market since it was a period of rapid growth. With the mass production of cars fueling industrial progress, our INTERBUS range of automation products soon elevated Phoenix Contact to become a household name in the European Automotive Industry.

Unfortunately, the same success could not be replicated in Asia.  With Japan being the only player in the past 5 decades and in recent times China, Thailand and Malaysia, the Phoenix Contact name did not really catch on in Southeast Asia for Automation products such as the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Nevertheless, in the last two decades, Phoenix Contact continued to develope a wide range of automation products targeted at other industries.

One such industry is the Power Industry.

More Than Just Terminal Blocks

In one of our recent roadshows, we found out that a hydroelectric dam managed by the local utilities authority was expanding with two new plants. Our customer was in need of our components such as digital display, measuring instrument, relays, terminal blocks etc…and we provided them with samples to test.

During the engagement with the project team, we realised that they were in need of an Industrial PC to use with their software to drive the Power Management System.  We proposed our product but the team was skeptical if our IPC would be compatible with their software. They have had no prior experiences with our IPCs.

Consequently, we loaned them a sample for testing. Reformatting our IPC to install a fresh copy of their software, our hardware was connected and tested with their system. The team concluded that our IPC was 100% compatible with their software.

Why Phoenix Contact’s IPC?

Phoenix Contact’s IPC was chosen not just because it was 100% compatible with our customer’s software but because of our teams dedication to ensuring that our customers would be successful integrating our products into their system.

Throughout the testing, our team provided close support and technical assistance to help streamline their engineering and design process.

What Products Do We Recommend?

EMPro Energy Meter

EMPro Energy Meter

Measuring instrument – EEM-MA600 – 2901366 : For measurement and indication of electrical parameters (voltage, current, frequency, etc) in which voltage and frequency are converted to analog outputs to feedback to Power distribution system for generator control.

Digital Display

Digital Display

Digital display – FA MCR-D-TUI-UI-2REL-UP – 2907064: For the measurement and indication of generator bearing and winding temperature via RTDs. Relay outputs from digital display triggered upon reaching temperature threshold.

Industrial PC (IPC)

Industrial PC

Industrial PC – BL PPC 7000 – 2701398 – For the running and operation of the Power distribution software.

Relay module

Relay Module

Relay Module – PR2-RSC3-LDP-24DC/2X21 – 2834643: Used as interposing relay which requires at least 10A.

Our team is dedicated to helping you to find the products that best fit your requirements.  If you are successful, we are successful.  Contact us at and we will gladly visit you to let you know more about our products and services.

Tablet PCs for portable use, both indoors and outdoors

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Phoenix Contact has consistently developed the industrial tablet PCs for portable use. The new Industrial Tablet Computer (ITC) 8113 with improved processor performance and luminous Full HD display excels when used both indoors and outdoors.


Modern industrial networks increasingly require mobile workflows and remote-controlled processes. The configurable tablet PC not only has a corresponding design and comprehensive accessories, but it is also optimized for use in the service environment. Thanks to its reduced weight of just 1800 g, it is very easy to transport. The devices have IP54 protection, IP65 on the front, and are suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

A 10-finger multi-touch display and Windows 7 or 8 with the latest fourth generation Intel processor architecture ensure easy operation and high performance. For wireless connection to an existing network, wireless communication is possible via WLAN 802.11 a/g/n, Bluetooth 2.0 Class 1, and Class 2, and a UMTS/LTE data communication module is optionally available.

New box PCs for use directly on site

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The next generation of Valueline box PCs now offers an entirely new, robust design and new processors in various performance classes. Box PCs are a flexible solution for industrial computer use directly on site. To this end, they are built without a fan. All key components are equipped with maintenance-friendly access points.


The device can be extended by a PCI/PCIe slot. Data security is increased, thanks to two mass storage devices and RAID support. The processor can be selected to meet requirements: Intel Core i5-4300U, 4th generation (Haswell) or Intel Celeron N2930 or 3rd generation (Baytrail). The PC enables versatile networking, using the following interfaces: 4 x USB 2.0 or 2 x USB 2.0 and 2 x USB 3.0. Furthermore, the box PC supports multiple displays and large displays up to 4K. The device can be installed in a bookshelf or on a wall, according to requirements

Valueline Industrial PC – The Red Dot Design Award Winner 2015

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PC Red dot design

The next-generation Valueline Industrial PC from Phoenix Contact is a combination of functional design and high-performance technology. This impressed the Red Dot jury which awarded the Industrial PC (VL2) as the winner for the Red Dot Design Award 2015.

Industrial PCs with touch display, commonly known as Panel PCs, are increasingly becoming the main interface between humans and machines. This Human Machine Interface HMI) combines all the operating and monitoring requirements allowing the operator to effectively manage the production processes.

At the same time, a high-performance computer could be required for all the control, data storage and reporting tasks in the system. Thus, a combination of modern computer technology and user-friendly design is all the more important.

With its clean and sleek design, the IP65-compliant front with multi-touch capabilities acts as the interface for every system.

As a manufacturer of innovative automation technology, Phoenix Contact develops robust panel PCs tailored to the requirements of industrial production processes. Equipped with modern Intel® Core™ i processors, combined with flexible RAM and storage extension that can be adapted to the requirements; the latest generation of Valueline panel PCs is able to smoothly display ever complex system processes in detail.

The rear panel of the housing was optimized for quick maintenance access as shown below; allowing easy access to all essential components.


The spring loaded retractable latch shown below temporarily holds the IPC in place, allowing it to be easily installed by 1 person. This increases manpower efficiency as it is no longer required for 2 people to do the installation – one person to hold the IPC in place, while the other screws the mounting brackets.

Back of the pc

Do contact us via email at if you would like to find out more about the innovative and reliable next-generation Valueline IPC from Phoenix Contact!



The iF DESIGN AWARD Winner Goes To …………..

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Designline 7000

The iF DESIGN AWARD is a highly respected award that recognizes independent and reputable industrial designs worldwide.

In 2014, Phoenix Contact’s Designline 7000 successfully merged art and industrial design allowing the Desginline 7000 to clinch the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD in 2015.

The Designline 7000 was identified as a product of excellence, and commended for multi touch functionality coupled with an intuitive design for industrial applications.

Designline Industrial PCs are powerful computers with multi touch function for industrial applications. For example, they can be used as hardware platform for complex visualization and control tasks. Whether in the classic 4:3 format or as widescreen device; thanks to the integrated VESA 100 bracket, Designline industrial PCs can be mounted directly on the machine in a user-friendly manner. The all-round IP65-protected housing and the high temperature resistance from -20 °C to +55 °C allow for assembly without control cabinet cover panels. Thanks to the service hatch, all necessary components can still be accessed easily and servicing carried out quickly.

Compact and fanless quad-core box PC

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The new Basicline 2000 box PCs from Phoenix Contact is for harsh industrial environments. It offers powerful 3rd generation quad-core processors (Bay Trail) in fanless housing.

The devices can perform simple control and communication tasks and collect data in the areas of machine building and systems manufacturing, building automation, traffic technology, and energy data transmission. The box PCs are also designed for maintenance-free, continuous 24-hour operation, even where there are high temperature, vibration, shock, and EMC requirements. Continue reading

PI Seminar in Bangkok

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The PI Association Southeast Asia conducted a Profibus / Profinet Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand on 4th September 2014. Coincidentally, during the same period, there was also another event held in Bangkok called the Oil & Gas Thailand (OGET) from 2nd – 4th September 2014.


Coming up to this event, I was really a little worried whether the turn out for this event was going to be good due to the other event. Even though the online registrations were fully booked, sometimes, you never know!

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Revolutionizing the Field Industrial PC – The Designline IPC

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Whenever an industrial PC has to be installed in the field along a manufacturing line for operator interaction, it has to be panel mounted onto an enclosure for ingress protection against dust and/or water.

This is because the typical industrial PC is designed with IP65 only on the front face where the screen is and IP20 at the rear resulting in the need of an enclosure to protect the rear.

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