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When Power Distribution Meets Push-in Technology

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QPD, which is short for QUICKON Power Distribution, is the brain child of Phoenix Contact. Since its launch, it has been well received by many customers in the lighting industry. As the name suggests, it provides easy and efficient power distribution through QUICKON, also known as insulation displacement connection.

QPD consists of a huge variety of connectors such as a 1-in-3-out distributor and cable extender, which offers the flexibility and convenience needed when laying power cables for various lighting infrastructures. Granted that QPD is made of plastic and is very lightweight, it provides up to Ingress Protection (IP) 69k which basically makes it submersible.

However, Phoenix Contact did not stop there. With the increasing popularity of automation, many companies want to minimize manual work. While QUICKON is a fantastic connection technology, it has limitations when comes to automation.  It is neither easy nor cheap to design a machine that could automate cable termination via QUICKON.

Thus, we made the great product even BETTER.

IPD (Installation Power Distribution) designed with Push-in technology, is optimized for automation. As Push-in motion is simple and linear, it is easier and more economical to design a machine to automate the insertion of stranded cables with ferrules/solid cables via Push-in technology. The removal of cables works the same as Phoenix Contact’s Push-in terminal block. Push in the classic orange release button with a screw driver to open up the cage within the connector and gently pull out the cable.

IPD is the perfect panel feed-through for lighting connection and has up to IP 67 protection which is suitable for use with outdoor lightings. IPD comes in classic white, which blends in seamlessly when installed on lighting devices. No hassle is needed to tuck the connector away – it could be installed in plain sight and would still look good.

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