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CONTACTRON Hybrid Technology

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What happens when relays and transistors are used as one function?

Electric motors are used in a variety of industrial applications for controlling movements. The motors are often started using classic, mechanical contactor circuits. Besides the advantage of the low price, the conventional contactor technology also has major disadvantages such as high space requirements, limited service life and the need for considerable wiring.

The innovative CONTACTRON hybrid technology combines semiconductor and relay technology and thus offers a cost effective and technically superior alternative to the conventional contactor technology. The CONTACTRON solid-state reversing contactor “4 in 1” is the first CONTACTRON product that already works with the hybrid technology. It offers motor protection and a safety function, as well as a complete reversing contactor circuit for a motor – all this integrated in a single device no wider than your thumb.

The wide range includes devices which implement either a simple motor start function (“1 in 1”) or two functions (“2 in 1”, e.g. motor start + safety) or three functions (“3 in 1”, e.g. forward running + reverse running + motor protection).

From the CONTACTRON range, the customer can choose the device that offers the functions required for the respective motor (forward running / reverse running / emergency stop / motor protection).

More importantly, the Contactron has 10 times the service life of the normal contactors.

You will be surprised how much cost savings you will have when you start replacing those faulty contactors within the lifespan of our Contactron.

Hybrid Contactors = CONTACTRON from Phoenix Contact.

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Effective and Responsive

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The above picture, taken from one of our customer’s website, is one of their products which adopted our terminal blocks.

Understanding customers’ expectations and responding the correct way

We’ve been showing to everyone the technical competency and technological innovation that Phoenix Contact has to offer to current customers and potential customers.

While, we are immensely competent on the technical portion, we need to be similarly competent on understanding the needs and expectations of potential and current users of our products.

To differentiate us from our competitors in the market, not only do we need the correct or suitable products and solutions, we also need to have the right personality to further engage our customers. Once customer satisfaction is achieved and rapport is built during our collaboration, getting the solution to customers is crucial in turning their objectives into reality.

There are 5 equally important steps in making this experience memorable for our customers:

  1. Effective technical and commercial understanding of customer’s expectations.
  2. Competent and quick responses to customer’s questions and inquiries.
  3. Flexibility and fluidity in providing technical details and information.
  4. Effective utilization of product brochures, catalogues, and samples.
  5. Systematic follow-ups and continuous sharing of technical information.

The aforementioned 5 main steps, has been tested and proven as well as experienced by Phoenix Contact’s long list of customers.

You may ask why are we sharing and stating the above. Because such a level of service is what you get, when you approach Phoenix Contact Sales and Technical personnel for your needs on connections.

When you are in need of connectivity, you can be sure that we are the line of professionals, who are duly versatile and competent in solving your connectivity needs.

No matter if it is Combicon Power, Combicon Control, Combicon Compact or Pluscon, we bring the best solutions and the most effective technical competency to your designs and solutions.

Last but not least, the experience of working with Phoenix Contact personnel is consistently warm, friendly and courteous, instead of the cold, reactive response of an automated reply.