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Time for a NEW TOOL

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Stripping, fitting with a ferrule and crimping are carried out in one work step.
The entire process is completed in approximately two seconds and the next conductor can be inserted for processing.
Watch out for this tool !

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The PTPOWER 95 family will be the first high-current terminal block with Push-In technology for direct plugging in the market.

The comfortable direct plugging of cable is now possible for larger cross-sections of 25 mm² to 95 mm².

The eccentric allows a simple handling without risk of injury.












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Now the time to reveal the power! Click on the link below for more information:

PT Power 95

Monitoring Relays

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Are you looking for a basic monitoring relay that is ideal for simple monitoring tasks such as currents, voltages, 1- and 3 phases and phase sequence suitable for use in the building installation and in the production of machines and plants?

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RIFLINE complete

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Would you like to have relays that enable quick and tool free cable wiring time?

Would you like to have relays that have the features of the terminal blocks such as marking materials, bridges and test adapters?

Would you like to have an option to transform a basic relay into a timer relay with three different functions?

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Contest Results – Lunar New Year Jan/Feb

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In  the month of Jan/Feb,  there was a Lunar New Year Contest for our readers to win a Phoenix Contact Haversack!  The winner has been chosen – read on to find out who….

PXC_CNY 2013 contest









Guess the Total Number of Phoenix Contact Logo in the picture above.


There are 13 logos. Did you get them correct?

contest answer CNY








And the Winner is……………………………

Roger A. Tamayo  from LJ Industrial Frabrication, Philippines!