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Phoenix Contact at IRSE ASPECT 2017

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Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) was originated in the UK and it is the professional engineering institution for all those engaged or interested in railway signalling, control and communications and allied disciplines. The purpose of IRSE is to promote high standards of professionalism and to support train control technology for the benefit of public.

IRSE ASPECT 2017 is supported by Singapore and Australian Sections and it was held in Singapore from 28th-29th November.  This 9th ASPECT event is the first event to be hosted outside the UK with the themes of Metro Technologies, Professional Development, High Speed Rail and Condition Monitoring.

There were more than 200 delegates who registered for the conference inclusive of international railway signalling companies such as Siemens, Thales, Bombardier, Alstom and ST Electronics; the consultants such as CH2M, Aecom and other system and component suppliers. Aside from them, the other important delegates included those of railway authorities and operators from different parts of the world such as Singapore (e.g. LTA, SMRT Trains, SMRT Corporation and SBS Transit), Australia (e.g. Rail System Australia, Metro Trains Melbourne, Queensland Rail, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Public Transport Authority of WA, Victorian Level Crossing Removal Authority, Transport for NSW, Public Transport Victoria, Metro Trains Sydney), Indonesia (e.g. PT Len Railway Systems, PT Lens Industri), Malaysia (e.g. MRT Corporation), Japan (e.g. East Japan Railway Company), Thailand (e.g. Bangkok Expressway and Metro), Finland (e.g. Finnish Transport Agency), UK (Ricardo Rail UK), Ireland (Northern Ireland Railways), Switzerland (e.g. Swiss Federal Railways).

Phoenix Contact had participated the 2-day exhibition on 28th and 29th November during all the breaks in the ASPECT Conference. Our key message to the participants of this event was to show the competency of Phoenix Contact as their partner for reliability and safety in signalling. The components exhibited included power supply and redundancy modules, UPS and battery, network switches, signal and power SPD, terminal blocks, heavy duty and data connectors, markers and tools.

Phoenix Contact booth at IRSE ASPECT

Thank you to those who dropped by our booth and expressed interest in our products such as MRT Corporation, E-MAS, Singapore RE, LTA, PT Len Raiway Systems, Selectrail, IEEE, STE, SMRT, Public Transport Authority Western Australia, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority etc.

On top of those components, there are three essential solutions for the railway signalling application as follows:

  1. SPD deployment solutions for both signal and power lines with easy installation, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  2. Redundant DC power supply system for critical equipment to ensure continuous operation with digital and analog signal monitoring.
  3. Customized panel solutions as per special requirements

“Speeding Test”

We also had a fun time with participants who joined our “Speeding Test” by inserting the conductors into Phoenix Contact Push-In (PT) Terminal Blocks and releasing it, with the time taken being recorded for 22 pieces of terminal blocks. The fastest speed record for inserting and releasing is 30s and 15s respectively!

If you had missed this exhibition and would like to find out more information, please feel free to contact us at!

Be the Future-Ready Graduate

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Phoenix Contact is constantly in need of the energy and enthusiasm that young graduates bring to the organisation. One of the efforts to make the talent hiring more straightforward is the participation in career fairs hosted for fresh graduates. Phoenix Contact participates in career fairs twice a year in renowned Universities and Polytechnics in Singapore.  In the second half of this year, Phoenix Contact joined Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Career and Education Fair on 15 November 2017. There were fifty organisations participating in this event from various industries, such as Energy and Engineering, Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction, Banks and Government Agencies as well Educational Institutions.

During the event, the company gets to connect with the students who are exploring career options or internship opportunities. There are hundreds of applicants expressing their interests through discussions and submitting their resumes directly to the Company. This is one of the unique personal experiences that students cannot find through an online job portal.

Based on previous career fair experiences, we noticed that students need to put more effort to leave a lasting impression on the employer, either for employment or internship opportunities. By looking at past experiences, here is some advice that could help students to make the most of the career fair:

  1. Select your preferred company

Before the event, most career fairs advertise the list of participating employers through the internet or student portal. Think about which employers you want to connect with and prioritise them accordingly, taking into account personal interest and suitability.

  1. Do your homework

Studies proved that students who researched the companies they are interested in tend to present themselves as well-prepared and motivated and are more likely to impress the recruiters.

  1. Prepare your resume

Companies who participate in career fairs are not just there to offer opportunities to fresh graduates, but they are also looking out for post graduates who could potentially fit into their organisations. Therefore, an updated resume is a must whenever visiting career fair.

  1. Dress to impress

What you wear and how you look will ensure you make a lasting and positive first impression, so dress professionally and comfortably.

  1. Remember your own WOW factor

Every employer at the career fair is meeting hundreds of young people like you. You need to find out what makes you different from everyone else, this extra effort ensures you show up as an enthusiastic job seeker, and ensures you will be noticed.

  1. Follow up with an email 

Even though an employer may accept your resume at a career fair, it does not automatically make you stand out as a candidate for the job. Get the email address of the recruiter at the company’s booth and send a thank you email to the recruiter for his or her time, and attach your resume again. Do not forget to show enthusiasm and demonstrate your desire for the job in your email.

Career fairs are all about being remembered among a sea of candidates, above check list will direct you to leave a lasting impression on recruiters in a career fair.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting career with us at Phoenix Contact?

Retrofitting of Power Supply with Redundancy

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A Tricky Problem

One of our customers in the system-integrating industry was awarded a retrofitting job for safety shutdown package. However, the existing infrastructure in their plant has been functional for over 10 years and hence they faced a challenge to propose an equally efficient solution to act as a power source. This is critical to the end user as this would ensure the functionality of all devices in the control cabinet. We were briefed in detail of the project requirements.

System Requirements:

    • Full redundancy of AC UPS & DC UPS
    • Load current: 45A for both AC & DC power
    • Auto current balancing

The main problem faced by our customer was the need of a DC/DC converter which could output a current of 45A. Another obstacle faced was the absence of auto current balancing products, which were not supplied by many manufacturers.

Exisitng wiring diagram for redundant power supply

Fig 1: Diagram of existing wiring installation

Devising a Solution

With Quint power supply’s Power Boost feature, the customer was able to achieve a maximum current of 25A. However, by connecting two 20A DC/DC converter units in parallel, the customer was able to yield a greater maximum output current of 50A. By adding a Quint-ORING Redundancy Module, we also dealt with the lack of auto current balancing. The load current would automatically be equally distributed by the Quint-ORING Module. With permanent redundancy monitoring of the input voltage, output current and decoupling section, the loss of redundancy would be reported before the entire system shuts down.

Proposed Design:

  1. Quint 40A Power Supply
  2. Quint 20A DC/DC Converter Unit x 2
  3. Quint-ORING Redundancy Module 24DC (2×20/1×40) unit x 1
  4. Quint-ORING Redundancy Module 24DC (2×40/1×80) unit x 2
proposal drawing for Phoenix Contact's redundant power supply solution

Fig 2: Proposed Design

Control cabinet with Phoenix Contact's redundant power supply solution

Fig 3: Control Cabinet

After several rounds of discussion and clarification of the technical aspects, our proposal was accepted by the customer. To achieve even distribution of current, we recommend the following:

  1. All power supply units connected in parallel must be set to the same output voltage
  2. All cables should have the same length and cross-sectional area

If you require any technical advice on your current project, feel free to contact us. We can be your trusted partner to provide creative solutions to fit your needs!

Process Control Systems with Conventional Signal Connection

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The industrial world is undergoing a major transformation; an industrial revolution by changing production methods and systems. In the past, most production systems employed human labor in many of the stages. Progressively, the development of simple tools and subsequently, machines that could handle simple to complex operations produced what we now call the “factory system”.This new industrial revolution will transcend borders. The emphasis is on the creation of intelligent systems in the production process; making machinery and the equipment highly flexible through automation. The automation programs can be designed to meet the production requirements of each industry. This includes real-time monitoring and visualization capabilities that will greatly benefit production planning and overall mechanical performance.

One obvious area that has seen steady development in intelligent systems is Industrial Robotics. Due to the increasing demand for consumer goods, manual labor alone is not enough to produce the required supply. Robots are utilized for the enhancement of the manufacturing industry. Although most of them are used only in the automobile industry, they will be increasingly used in other industries in the future.

Process Industry based on digital and analog signals

In the Process Industry, the engineers are responsible for the production methods. These steps must be controlled to minimize waste, utilize suitable working methods as well as facilitate appropriate use of machinery in the production line. This includes investigating factors which reduce production and providing solutions to deal with these causes. This is the reason why engineers need to plan out the Process Design and choose the necessary equipment and tools that are reliable, durable and suitable for the process. Most of these tools should be easy to use as well as deliver both analog and digital signals.

Products for conventional signal connection

  1. MACX Analog Ex – Universal signal conditioners

    MACX Analog Ex

    MACX Analog Ex

MACX Analog Ex is able to integrate analog signals and apply them safely according to the Machinery Directive with MACX Safety.

  1. MINI Analog Pro – Highly compact signal conditioners with plug-in connection technology.MINI Analog Pro Signal Conditioners

MINI Analog Pro are easy accessible terminal points with plug-in connection and current measurement technology during operation that helps to save time.

  1. PLC-INTERFACE – The complete relay system.

The connection between PLC-INTERFACE and system cabling has a simple wiring system so it can be done quickly, saving time and money.

Phoenix Contact's PLC-INTERFACE relay system

  1. PSR Safety Relay Modules – Power Amplification and Separation.

PSR Safety Relays

PSR Safety Relay Modules have 2 classes : PSRclassic and PSRmini. Both are certified by SIL.

  1. Surge protection – Protecting your systems.

Phoenix Contact's TERMITRAB range SPD

Surge protection help to avoid system failures for all applications and protect voltage surges that can have devastating effects.

  1. Standard termination boards and cables – Compact setup

Phoenix Contact Termination Board

Termination boards and cables are compact solutions that easy planning, mounting, and startup that help reduce costs and save time.

Phoenix Contact  has a complete range of products for signal connection that can meet the needs of the customer in all industries and in all production processes. For further information about Phoenix Contact products, you can find out more through our website or our online brochure.

HEAVYCON – Worry-free Connection for Field Applications

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HEAVYCON for Field Applications

HEAVYCON with fast and reliable locking latches are suitable for many field applications. The robust metal housings are not only resistant to dirt and water, but also to vibration and high mechanical strain.

HEAVYCON Connection on Pipe Coating Rig

In Manila, a local fabrication company, specializing in pipe coating equipment was facing several issues due to the wrong choice of connector. They were facing issues such as unsecured connection, dirt and water possibly contaminating the contact pins and etc. In fact, these are some of the common problems that plague field applications across other industries too.

However, their major concern was that the existing connector was not vibration-proof, due to the lack of a secure locking mechanism. The connector could be easily detached from the socket when the motor started running.

HEAVYCON Standard Saves the Day!

After evaluating the existing problems with the customer, we proposed the HEAVYCON Standard. Eventually, the customer took our proposal and replaced all their existing connectors with HEAVYCON Standard.

So, what other unique features that the customer loves about HEAVYCON ?

The Right Connection Technologies

QUICKCON technology

  • Fast QUICKON connection
    Save up to 60% of wiring time: for contact inserts with QUICKON displacement connection, connect solid and stranded conductors in a flash without any prior processing. The wire insulation is severed and large-surface, gas-tight contact is made.
HEAVYCON Push-in Inserts

HEAVYCON Push-in Inserts

  • Contact inserts with push-in connection technology
    Easy installation Contact inserts with push-in connection technology allow the user to make connections in no time, even for components already installed in a control cabinet.
  • Fast and cost-effective coding
HEAVYCON Connector Coding

HEAVYCON Connector Coding

  • Quick snap-in plastic coding
    In many cases, a security measure is needed to avoid confusing identical neighboring connectors. Unlike coding methods such as coding bolts, pins or connectors, coding for HEAVYCON contact inserts is provided by quickly snapping in plastic coding profiles.
  •  Reliable EMC protectionThe housing surfaces and seals of the metal series are electrically conductive. Combined with shielded cable glands, they offer you reliable EMC protection.

If you would like to find out more about Phoenix Contact’s HEAVYCON Connectors, you can check out our website or just leave us your contact and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Multi-functional Enclosure – ME-PLC

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Phoenix Contact ME-PLC enclosureIn a recent application design, a customer was looking to replace their standard metal communication rack as they want something more versatile. They needed an off-the-shelf solution but yet offered flexibility to be customized to suit the needs of their customers.

Multi-functional Enclosure, ME-PLC – The Obvious Choice

The ME-PLC was the obvious choice. Together with a large PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly area, this multi-functional enclosure system offers a high functionality for a wide range of applications. The ME-PLC enclosure offers enough space for a large PCB so as to accommodate complex circuitries.

Phoenix Contact's ME-PLC in a cabinet

If more PCB cards are required, the din rail T-bus connectors will allow chained connections for different configurations and setup. Moreover, the customer can build standard cards and allow end-users to choose the final configuration.

ME-PLC LED displayLEDs and 7 segment displays can be placed, on the top front of the housing, for identification and notification purpose based on the users design and purpose of the PCB which is critical for customer’s design.

ME-PLC enclosure with leverSince the product is a communication device, the plug-in front connection comes with a lever that enables easy disconnection. This is an advantage especially when there is a need for rewiring in tight spaces where accessibility to the housing is a challenge .

Currently, no enclosure in the market allows for such versatility and high functions in one package.

More Than Just Cost Savings

The customer sees the benefits of using a multi-functional enclosure like the ME-PLC instead of using metal racks to house the PCB cards, as it will help save:

  1. Cost of housing material (8 sets of ME-PLC can bring about 30% saving from traditional metal racks)
  2. Space in the cabinet when din rail mounted
  3. Easy connect and disconnection when troubleshooting

Besides PCB terminal blocks, different connections can be applied on this enclosure such as USB, D-subs, RJ45, etc. All that is required is to laser cut the flat front cover for the opening of the connectors required. The connector options are endless.

So now you understand how a Phoenix Contact customer in communication device will benefit from the ME-PLC. Other suitable applications for ME-PLC include:

  1. Driver cards
  2. Alarm and remote control systems
  3. Measurement systems

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Look no further as there is no other housing like the ME-PLC. Check out our website to find out more or leave us your contact at and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Product identification – Can you survive without any?

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The need for product identification is not new. Since the early days of civilization, due to a lack of technological advancements, products traded and sold were identified in different ways. Clay jars, crates and sacks were distinguished through the shape of the vessels or unique markings made on them for identification purposes.

Dating back to 6000 BC, barter trading was the main system for the exchange of goods and services; this was before the invention of money.

By F.S. Church, published in Harper’s Weekly, January 17, 1874, p. 61. [Public domain]

The Need for Product Identification

Over time, the situation then transitioned into exchanging money for goods. With the evolution of business into mass production, previous methods of identification were not sustainable as  products now needed to be identified through category, name and description.

Similar to the evolution of street names, housing numbers, or even zip/postal codes, the invention of such identification allowed people to easily identify where they were going. Consequently, with ever-increasing inventories of parts and products, manufacturers and stores required new control mechanisms to track their status. Product identification became important in business in terms of logistics and data analysis.

After knowing the brief history for production identifications, we have seen these requirements for marking and identification evolve tremendously and can be found in almost every aspect of our modern day life or business.

What is tagging and marking like these days?

Today, our tagging & marking typically need to serve 5 key purposes

  • Product Identity
    The most basic and important purpose of labels is that it has to convey information on its identity mainly for tracking and tracing purposes. This can be in the form of descriptions, revisions, serial numbers or lot numbers. Another key identification purpose, especially in the Food & Beverage Industry, is to state the Manufacturing Start/Expiry date. Some labels would also need to include specific types of information as required by government legislation.
  • Security Risks
    Labels play a crucial role to reduce security risks due to the proper identification written on it. When there is a need to prevent any unauthorized opening of the packaging, there can also be tamper resistance labels to avoid such happenings.Labels could also have authentication seals such as serial number, barcodes, RFID, to reduce the risk of forgery or tampering.
    Product Identification - Tamperproof EMLS Label
  • Marketing
    The use of labels can also be for persuasion to encourage potential buyers to purchase a product. This is usually done with the use of graphic designs, attractive words and titles to entice the buyers. Most commonly, designed to reflect the brand’s message and speciality.
    Product identification - Stainless Steel self-adhesive label
  • User-Convenience
    Labels can contain information that could help the user/buyer by conveying instructions on handling, usage, display or sale.
  • Quantity Information
    Quantity is another important piece of information that would typically be required on labels. It tells the buyer or user the number of item in a covered packaging without the need to open up the package.

An ideal label concept would allow a product to be able traceable from the hands of an end user all the way backwards through delivery, manufacturing, raw material processes and to the point where supplies of raw material are identified.

With these said, if you require such a labeling system, Phoenix Contact has the perfect solution to provide you such printing mechanics. Our range of printers can provide the optimal labels that you require. “Clip Project Marking”, our labeling software, allows you to create your own product identifications by adding letters, numbers, barcodes, symbols, logos and pictures!

From there, you can print with the range of printers and over 3000 different materials catered for different uses and surfaces! Leave us your contact details at to learn more about Phoenix Contact Printing system.

FL 2000 Managed Switch for Railway Applications

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Highspeed commuter trainFor many years, Phoenix Contact has been a reliable partner of the Railway Industry, supplying products such as Power Supply Unit, Terminal Blocks, Heavy Duty Connectors for railway applications. In the recent years, Phoenix Contact has invested a significant amount of effort to create innovative products such as controllers and ethernet switches for automation applications.

Ethernet-based communication medium/protocols are becoming the norm in modern automation environments. Traditional serial-based communication medium/protocols are unable to support the requirements for transmission speed and data size; especially for time-critical applications.

FL 2000 Managed Switch

Phoenix Contact's FL 2000 Managed SwitchThe new FL 2000 Managed Switch was officially launched in April 2017 during the Hannover Fair. This new series of Ethernet Switch was specifically developed to bridge the gap between simple unmanaged switches and complex managed switches which are already available within Phoenix Contact product portfolio.

In railway applications, data integrity is especially critical to ensure the smooth and safe operations of the system. Transmission distances from various subway station control systems to the main control center are often in the range of kilometers, which conventional copper-based medium cannot handle. The only way to transmit the data over long distance is via Fiber Optic technology.

Our sales team spotted an opportunity to propose our FL 2000 Switch in one of the railway system upgrading project in this region. We managed to overcome several challenges despite facing strong competitions from various industrial giants. The main unique selling points of our FL 2000 Switch that met with approval of the end user and system integrators were:

  • Feature important automation features with attractive price/performance ratio
  • Easy/Flexible Configuration/Setup
  • Comprehensive approvals to meet stringent industry-specific approval requirements
  • Various connection port options: Copper and Fiber Optics; Gigabit network possible

In addition, we are also able provide a bundle offer including our UPS and Power Supply Unit.

If you would like to find out more about our FL2000 switches, check out our website or you can leave us your contact and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

BC Enclosure – Flexibility and Ease of Design

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Phoenix Contact's BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact’s most flexible and easy to design electronic enclosure series – The BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact is well known for terminal blocks and connectors. However, many customers do not know that Phoenix Contact offer solutions for enclosure for PCB. As a matter of fact, Phoenix Contact offers 13 series of electronic enclosures ranging from basic to IP-rated field enclosures.

As for this article, I would like to highlight one of Phoenix Contact’s most popular and easy-to-design enclosures, the BC Enclosure. This BC enclosure is very suitable for many building applications like door access, alarm systems, HVAC controllers, etc due to its modular, easily customizable design. Despite it is widely used in Building Automation applications, we also have customers from other industries utilizing the BC enclosure for their devices.

Due to its flexibility in design, a Malaysian OEM for Remote Terminal Units (RTU) has opted to re-designed new compact RTU to replace bulky first generation RTU.

Old Design (bulky system)

Remote Terminal Unit

We approached the customer when they were in the initial design phase of a compact RTU that is Din-rail mountable. Initially, the customer did not know that Phoenix Contact offers enclosures. It was during one of our roadshows where we showcased all our enclosure series that they became interested in the BC series.

As Phoenix Contact is able to provide various customization, this customer requested for the BC enclosure to be in red colour ; their corporate colour.

During the entire design phase, we engaged the design team to provide all the necessary support in terms of datasheets, installation manual, 3D diagrams, etc.

The final Din-rail mountable, compact RTU is shown in the photo below.

New Design (with Red Corporate Colour)Building Controller Enclosure RTU Design

Building Controller Enclosure RTU in Panel

If you are interested to know more about Phoenix Contact’s BC Enclosure, check out our website.

(You can also type the webcode #0310 on our website to search for BC Enclosure)

Alternatively, leave us your contact and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Phoenix Contact – Your Partner in Safety and Reliability for Railway Industry

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RailwayPhoenix Contact has been serving the railway industry for decades, especially for rolling stock and signalling. Safety and reliability has always been our number one concern when developing products for railway applications.

Safety on Board

The basic requirement for safety and reliability is standard compliance. Phoenix Contact has been certified by the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) since April 2008 and this standard is based on the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001, which has been extended with international railway-specific requirements. The ongoing tests during the development and production cycle of the products are essential to guarantee the product quality.

On top of that, all rail-specific products from Phoenix Contact fulfill the standards of DIN EN 50155, an international standard covering rolling stock; DIN EN 50121 electromagnetic compatibility; and EN 45545, fire protection on rail vehicle. Besides, shock and vibration test, material test and other fire protection is also critical for the railway application.

Safety should not be limited to the big ticket items and should even be extended to the passive component level. For example, the cable markings like shrink sleeve should be halogen-free and fulfill DIN 5510-2 with an oxygen index of 34.9%. besides being halogen-free, the cable ducts should enable individual bars to be broken without using any tools or resulting in any burr through defined breaking points according to EN 45545-2 (R22/R23:HL3). Behaviour in fire is another key concern and the plastic used for Phoenix Contact’s terminal blocks is halogen-free polyamide PA 6.6; which meets the highest safety requirement of UL 94 V0.

Push-in Terminal Blocks and Marking

Push-in Terminal Blocks and Marking

Cable Management

Cable Management

Network on Board

Nowadays, commuters demand for “Internet on board” has made the information and infotainment systems essential in trains. The M12 network connectors with a mechanically robust design, in compliance with IEC 61076-2-101, together with high quality cables meeting the requirement of EN 45545-2 will ensure reliable communications. The heavy-duty connector, compliant with IEC 61373, with modular contact inserts form a flexible and safe transmission of signal and power circuit on rolling stock carriage connection and simultaneously ensures comprehensive protection in the event of electromagnetic interference fields.

Halogen-free Polyamide PA 6.6

Halogen-free Polyamide PA 6.6

M12 Network Connector

M12 Network Connector

Surge Protection

Surge voltages and lightning strikes are common issues in signalling, hence the surge protective device (SPD) become significantly important to maintain reliable signal transmission. Phoenix Contact’s SPD has been tested according to IEC 61643-21 and the plug can be disconnected for test and maintenance by using the portable test laboratory. According to IEC 62305-3, the SPD must be tested regularly and the test values should be documented and traceable. Additional features like multi-stage monitoring (green – operating, red – fail and yellow – reach performance limit) for predictive maintenance and remote signalling for early detection of overloaded SPD can help to further enhance reliability.



HEAVYCON Modular Inserts

HEAVYCON Modular Inserts

Signal SPD with multi-stage monitoring (PT-IQ)

Signal SPD with multi-stage monitoring (PT-IQ)

Signal SPD with remote signalling (TTC)

Signal SPD with remote signalling (TTC)

Power Supply

The power supply unit (PSU) is used to convert main AC to low-voltage regulated DC power and it should at least be compliant with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, IEC 60950-1, DIN EN 61558-2-16 and UL 508. To ensure smooth operation and maximum uptime, the redundancy setup of the power supply cannot be overlooked.

A redundant system can made up of two power supplies and a diode or Phoenix Contact’s O-RING to prevent back flow of current. An ORING being a more advanced and modern redundancy module compared to the diode, comes with auto-current balancing (ACB) technology which ensures the power supplies work equally hard. This enables the power supplies to have a longer and more consistent lifespan.

The redundancy status as well as the status of the ORING can be monitored, whereas this cannot be done with a DIODE. The PSU becomes more reliable and dependable when it is capable of sending analogue signals to control system on measurement values such as real time current, voltage and power for early detection of operational fault as well as critical information to the user.

QUINT 4 Power Supply With Diode

QUINT 4 Power Supply With Diode



Transporting You into the Future

Phoenix Contact will continue to develop the products or solutions that suit railway application and safety and reliability will always be the top concern on top of ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

To find out more about the solutions that Phoenix Contact has for the railway industry, check out our website or leave us your contact at and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.