Dear Junction Box, I Met Someone New…

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Dear Junction Box

I have been with you since the first day I started my lighting business. You have been a great provider of industrial power distribution and many of my friends knew you, there were simply no one else that could do the job that you could.

I was drawn to you because of your petite size and your attractive figure. Although we have problems but we could not part ways. You were important to my electrical installation.

However, I met someone new from Phoenix Contact and her name is ‘QPD’.

One major issue we have was the time taken to prepare your cables to be connected when you are in the picture. Given that the time and efforts taken to have you in place, we could have done more.

Do you remember the time, you were out with my installation guy on a scorching hot afternoon? It was hardly bearable as the poor man carried you up to mid-air, 20 feet off the ground with his pockets full of your accessories and special tools. Although he have been out with you often enough, the common problems are always the same. The same embarrassing moments happen…. either your accessories fall off or the tools dropped, it always ended with one frustrating ugly sight . The installation guy will have to get to the ground again to pick them up. This have happened often enough to catch my attention and this is not efficient.

“QPD” is not as complicated as you are….

We had our good times together. But as times of increasing decentralization, requirements for a power distribution installation system are also rising. Installations should be simple, fast, flexible, and as inexpensive as possible. You are still the same as you were 50years ago and you have not changed… but i need innovative ideas to impress my friends.

“QPD” was fast. In fact, i do not need to spend so much time with her. To my surprise, her Quickon IDC insulation displacement connection method was not complicated at all. She doesn’t need any stripping or special tools and most importantly, my installation guy was comfortable with her to the max. No more embarrassment as she was easy to handle. She was designed to handle robust IP68/IP69K systems and to withstand voltages of up to 690 V and currents of up to 20 A.

I know the facts hurt that i am choosing her to be my partner now but i hope you understand that “QPD” was more suitable for me.

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