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Technology Scouting: Phoenix Contact Founds Investment Company to Foster Innovative Start-ups

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Phoenix Contact corporate logo

Phoenix Contact has added a new company to the Group at the onset of the new year. Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH will invest in innovative technologies to make them commercially viable. It will invest its funds into promising ideas that are relevant to Phoenix Contact’s range of products and solutions. Innovation Ventures will develop business models that promise market success, together with the people providing the new ideas. In addition, these start-ups will be able to benefit from Phoenix Contact’s experience and extensive networks. Continue reading

3D Calendar 2015 – What Do You See? Contest RESULT (Jan)

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Thank you for for giving it a go at guessing, or ‘confirming’, what you thought you saw in our January contest. The image that was embedded in the 3D image is actually (C).

Power Station C


The winner of our January contest is Janie Chng.  Congratulations.  We will be in touch with you shortly with your prize of a pair of movie tickets.


If you missed out on our first contest, fret not! Here’s this month’s contest for you to try.

3D Calendar 2015 – What Do You See? Contest (Feb)

3D Calendar 2015 – What Do You See? Contest (Feb)

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In last month’s contest, many of you guessed “C” correctly.

This month, we feature our PTSM connectors.  Optimized for LED applications, it’s small size and fast push-in connection allows you to maximise the amount of components while reducing installation time, especially in small, confined spaces.

So do you think you ‘saw’ the correct image? This one is going to be tough. Make a guess!






Let us know by dropping us an email at!

Once again, for those who did not manage to get a copy of our calendar, here is the image for you to join in the fun.


Click on the image to see a larger version.