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Wishing All a Happy Lunar New Year!!

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The year of Snake will arrive on 4th February 2013.  Although 10th February is ‘Day 1’ of Lunar New Year, in Chinese Astrology Year, 4th February is actually the first day. On this day, the Snake will emerge and take charge of 2013.

According to the Chinese Five Astrology Calendar, 2013 is the Year of Water Snake and it contains Fire, Metal and Earth. Therefore, if your lucky element is Fire, Metal or Earth, then 2013 will bring you some degree of fortune. However, if your lucky element are not either of the 3, it does not mean you will not have good fortune.

So lets look forward for the Year of Snake and take on the challenges ahead!!!

Therefore, Phoenix Contact hereby wishes all a Happy Lunar New Year!!

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A Proud recognition by our Headquarters – 2012 Brand Award

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Branding, like advertising, is such an impalpable subject that even experts sometimes disagree on the effectiveness of it. Yet, like a contestant in a beauty contest, a well-executed brand strikes you immediately when you see it. You remember it and every now and then, when presented with a myriad of products, you mumble, “I trust that brand!

So what then is branding?

It’s a marketing exercise that helps people understand and determine what a company or a group of products stands for in the eyes of the target audience. For many people, the company Volvo stands for “Safety”. Harley-Davidson, the iconic American Motorcycle takes pride in its image of “Freedom”. The watch maker, Rolex stands for “Precision”. Honda started out as a motorcycle company and in 1962, it’s now famous campaign, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda!” has proven so effective that even mothers who will not let their children ride a motorcycle begin saying, “I’ll  buy one if it’s a Honda!”.

Phoenix Contact (SEA) was therefore extremely proud to be awarded the “Brand” award by its Headquarters in 2012 for its version of the corporate calendar. This is an annual award given to the one subsidiary out of more than 50 subsidiaries, which a panel of judges feel, executes best, Phoenix Contact’s corporate image of INSPIRING INNOVATIONS.

Our 2012 calendar took a page out of our 2006 calendar which associates the Phoenix Contact brands with iconic structures such as the Egyptian pyramid or the Sphinx. This time, we took it a step further and associate it with other iconic brands and structures closer to the end-user’s heart; brands, products and places that they see, use or hear of almost every other day. These include brands such as IKEA, the Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Changi Airport. Instead of just highlighting the brand or place, we included a key fact that few people know; that Phoenix Contact’s inspiring innovations are working quietly behind these icons to ensure their reliability and safety so that you can enjoy it every day!

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Intelligent UPS Now Also Communicates with Higher-Level Controllers

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IQ technology turns Phoenix Contact’s Quint UPS-IQ power supply into an intelligent UPS for the mounting rail that provides continuous information about the charging state, remaining runtime, and lifespan of its energy storage devices, thus maximizing system availability.

The new data cable now allows the UPS module to be integrated directly into the automation application.

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Flexibility for Wiring Emergency Lighting

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With a width of 5.2 mm, Phoenix Contact’s compact PTB 2,5 three-level terminal blocks provide high flexibility when wiring emergency lighting.

In commercial buildings, standard lighting is often also used as emergency lighting, which provides flexibility, for example, when modifying building utilization.

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Marking Box Contest Results

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Last month, there was a Marking Box Contest for our readers to win a Sennheiser CX 215 Earphone!  The winner has been chosen – read on to find out who.

Which of the following media can be printed on the Thermomark Roll?

Answer: Wire Wraps and Adhesive Labels

And the Winner is……………………………

Edward from PT. Indojaya Mitra Sarana

Congrats!!! We will be contacting you soon…..