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Phoenix Contact's BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact’s most flexible and easy to design electronic enclosure series – The BC Enclosure

Phoenix Contact is well known for terminal blocks and connectors. However, many customers do not know that Phoenix Contact offer solutions for enclosure for PCB. As a matter of fact, Phoenix Contact offers 13 series of electronic enclosures ranging from basic to IP-rated field enclosures.

As for this article, I would like to highlight one of Phoenix Contact’s most popular and easy-to-design enclosures, the BC Enclosure. This BC enclosure is very suitable for many building applications like door access, alarm systems, HVAC controllers, etc due to its modular, easily customizable design. Despite it is widely used in Building Automation applications, we also have customers from other industries utilizing the BC enclosure for their devices.

Due to its flexibility in design, a Malaysian OEM for Remote Terminal Units (RTU) has opted to re-designed new compact RTU to replace bulky first generation RTU.

Old Design (bulky system)

Remote Terminal Unit

We approached the customer when they were in the initial design phase of a compact RTU that is Din-rail mountable. Initially, the customer did not know that Phoenix Contact offers enclosures. It was during one of our roadshows where we showcased all our enclosure series that they became interested in the BC series.

As Phoenix Contact is able to provide various customization, this customer requested for the BC enclosure to be in red colour ; their corporate colour.

During the entire design phase, we engaged the design team to provide all the necessary support in terms of datasheets, installation manual, 3D diagrams, etc.

The final Din-rail mountable, compact RTU is shown in the photo below.

New Design (with Red Corporate Colour)Building Controller Enclosure RTU Design

Building Controller Enclosure RTU in Panel

If you are interested to know more about Phoenix Contact’s BC Enclosure, check out our website.

(You can also type the webcode #0310 on our website to search for BC Enclosure)

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