HEAVYCON – Worry-free Connection for Field Applications

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HEAVYCON for Field Applications

HEAVYCON with fast and reliable locking latches are suitable for many field applications. The robust metal housings are not only resistant to dirt and water, but also to vibration and high mechanical strain.

HEAVYCON Connection on Pipe Coating Rig

In Manila, a local fabrication company, specializing in pipe coating equipment was facing several issues due to the wrong choice of connector. They were facing issues such as unsecured connection, dirt and water possibly contaminating the contact pins and etc. In fact, these are some of the common problems that plague field applications across other industries too.

However, their major concern was that the existing connector was not vibration-proof, due to the lack of a secure locking mechanism. The connector could be easily detached from the socket when the motor started running.

HEAVYCON Standard Saves the Day!

After evaluating the existing problems with the customer, we proposed the HEAVYCON Standard. Eventually, the customer took our proposal and replaced all their existing connectors with HEAVYCON Standard.

So, what other unique features that the customer loves about HEAVYCON ?

The Right Connection Technologies

QUICKCON technology

  • Fast QUICKON connection
    Save up to 60% of wiring time: for contact inserts with QUICKON displacement connection, connect solid and stranded conductors in a flash without any prior processing. The wire insulation is severed and large-surface, gas-tight contact is made.
HEAVYCON Push-in Inserts

HEAVYCON Push-in Inserts

  • Contact inserts with push-in connection technology
    Easy installation Contact inserts with push-in connection technology allow the user to make connections in no time, even for components already installed in a control cabinet.
  • Fast and cost-effective coding
HEAVYCON Connector Coding

HEAVYCON Connector Coding

  • Quick snap-in plastic coding
    In many cases, a security measure is needed to avoid confusing identical neighboring connectors. Unlike coding methods such as coding bolts, pins or connectors, coding for HEAVYCON contact inserts is provided by quickly snapping in plastic coding profiles.
  •  Reliable EMC protectionThe housing surfaces and seals of the metal series are electrically conductive. Combined with shielded cable glands, they offer you reliable EMC protection.

If you would like to find out more about Phoenix Contact’s HEAVYCON Connectors, you can check out our website or just leave us your contact and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.



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