Process Control Systems with Conventional Signal Connection

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The industrial world is undergoing a major transformation; an industrial revolution by changing production methods and systems. In the past, most production systems employed human labor in many of the stages. Progressively, the development of simple tools and subsequently, machines that could handle simple to complex operations produced what we now call the “factory system”.This new industrial revolution will transcend borders. The emphasis is on the creation of intelligent systems in the production process; making machinery and the equipment highly flexible through automation. The automation programs can be designed to meet the production requirements of each industry. This includes real-time monitoring and visualization capabilities that will greatly benefit production planning and overall mechanical performance.

One obvious area that has seen steady development in intelligent systems is Industrial Robotics. Due to the increasing demand for consumer goods, manual labor alone is not enough to produce the required supply. Robots are utilized for the enhancement of the manufacturing industry. Although most of them are used only in the automobile industry, they will be increasingly used in other industries in the future.

Process Industry based on digital and analog signals

In the Process Industry, the engineers are responsible for the production methods. These steps must be controlled to minimize waste, utilize suitable working methods as well as facilitate appropriate use of machinery in the production line. This includes investigating factors which reduce production and providing solutions to deal with these causes. This is the reason why engineers need to plan out the Process Design and choose the necessary equipment and tools that are reliable, durable and suitable for the process. Most of these tools should be easy to use as well as deliver both analog and digital signals.

Products for conventional signal connection

  1. MACX Analog Ex – Universal signal conditioners

    MACX Analog Ex

    MACX Analog Ex

MACX Analog Ex is able to integrate analog signals and apply them safely according to the Machinery Directive with MACX Safety.

  1. MINI Analog Pro – Highly compact signal conditioners with plug-in connection technology.MINI Analog Pro Signal Conditioners

MINI Analog Pro are easy accessible terminal points with plug-in connection and current measurement technology during operation that helps to save time.

  1. PLC-INTERFACE – The complete relay system.

The connection between PLC-INTERFACE and system cabling has a simple wiring system so it can be done quickly, saving time and money.

Phoenix Contact's PLC-INTERFACE relay system

  1. PSR Safety Relay Modules – Power Amplification and Separation.

PSR Safety Relays

PSR Safety Relay Modules have 2 classes : PSRclassic and PSRmini. Both are certified by SIL.

  1. Surge protection – Protecting your systems.

Phoenix Contact's TERMITRAB range SPD

Surge protection help to avoid system failures for all applications and protect voltage surges that can have devastating effects.

  1. Standard termination boards and cables – Compact setup

Phoenix Contact Termination Board

Termination boards and cables are compact solutions that easy planning, mounting, and startup that help reduce costs and save time.

Phoenix Contact  has a complete range of products for signal connection that can meet the needs of the customer in all industries and in all production processes. For further information about Phoenix Contact products, you can find out more through our website or our online brochure.



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