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Phoenix Contact ME-PLC enclosureIn a recent application design, a customer was looking to replace their standard metal communication rack as they want something more versatile. They needed an off-the-shelf solution but yet offered flexibility to be customized to suit the needs of their customers.

Multi-functional Enclosure, ME-PLC – The Obvious Choice

The ME-PLC was the obvious choice. Together with a large PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly area, this multi-functional enclosure system offers a high functionality for a wide range of applications. The ME-PLC enclosure offers enough space for a large PCB so as to accommodate complex circuitries.

Phoenix Contact's ME-PLC in a cabinet

If more PCB cards are required, the din rail T-bus connectors will allow chained connections for different configurations and setup. Moreover, the customer can build standard cards and allow end-users to choose the final configuration.

ME-PLC LED displayLEDs and 7 segment displays can be placed, on the top front of the housing, for identification and notification purpose based on the users design and purpose of the PCB which is critical for customer’s design.

ME-PLC enclosure with leverSince the product is a communication device, the plug-in front connection comes with a lever that enables easy disconnection. This is an advantage especially when there is a need for rewiring in tight spaces where accessibility to the housing is a challenge .

Currently, no enclosure in the market allows for such versatility and high functions in one package.

More Than Just Cost Savings

The customer sees the benefits of using a multi-functional enclosure like the ME-PLC instead of using metal racks to house the PCB cards, as it will help save:

  1. Cost of housing material (8 sets of ME-PLC can bring about 30% saving from traditional metal racks)
  2. Space in the cabinet when din rail mounted
  3. Easy connect and disconnection when troubleshooting

Besides PCB terminal blocks, different connections can be applied on this enclosure such as USB, D-subs, RJ45, etc. All that is required is to laser cut the flat front cover for the opening of the connectors required. The connector options are endless.

So now you understand how a Phoenix Contact customer in communication device will benefit from the ME-PLC. Other suitable applications for ME-PLC include:

  1. Driver cards
  2. Alarm and remote control systems
  3. Measurement systems

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Look no further as there is no other housing like the ME-PLC. Check out our website to find out more or leave us your contact at and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.



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