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Phoenix Contact is constantly in need of the energy and enthusiasm that young graduates bring to the organisation. One of the efforts to make the talent hiring more straightforward is the participation in career fairs hosted for fresh graduates. Phoenix Contact participates in career fairs twice a year in renowned Universities and Polytechnics in Singapore.  In the second half of this year, Phoenix Contact joined Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Career and Education Fair on 15 November 2017. There were fifty organisations participating in this event from various industries, such as Energy and Engineering, Marine, Oil and Gas, Construction, Banks and Government Agencies as well Educational Institutions.

During the event, the company gets to connect with the students who are exploring career options or internship opportunities. There are hundreds of applicants expressing their interests through discussions and submitting their resumes directly to the Company. This is one of the unique personal experiences that students cannot find through an online job portal.

Based on previous career fair experiences, we noticed that students need to put more effort to leave a lasting impression on the employer, either for employment or internship opportunities. By looking at past experiences, here is some advice that could help students to make the most of the career fair:

  1. Select your preferred company

Before the event, most career fairs advertise the list of participating employers through the internet or student portal. Think about which employers you want to connect with and prioritise them accordingly, taking into account personal interest and suitability.

  1. Do your homework

Studies proved that students who researched the companies they are interested in tend to present themselves as well-prepared and motivated and are more likely to impress the recruiters.

  1. Prepare your resume

Companies who participate in career fairs are not just there to offer opportunities to fresh graduates, but they are also looking out for post graduates who could potentially fit into their organisations. Therefore, an updated resume is a must whenever visiting career fair.

  1. Dress to impress

What you wear and how you look will ensure you make a lasting and positive first impression, so dress professionally and comfortably.

  1. Remember your own WOW factor

Every employer at the career fair is meeting hundreds of young people like you. You need to find out what makes you different from everyone else, this extra effort ensures you show up as an enthusiastic job seeker, and ensures you will be noticed.

  1. Follow up with an email 

Even though an employer may accept your resume at a career fair, it does not automatically make you stand out as a candidate for the job. Get the email address of the recruiter at the company’s booth and send a thank you email to the recruiter for his or her time, and attach your resume again. Do not forget to show enthusiasm and demonstrate your desire for the job in your email.

Career fairs are all about being remembered among a sea of candidates, above check list will direct you to leave a lasting impression on recruiters in a career fair.

So, are you ready to embark on an exciting career with us at Phoenix Contact?



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