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Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing At Its Prime

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Mobile Printing – Direct and flexible printing at the location of use!

The new mobile printing system from Phoenix Contact has now made this possible. The THERMOMARK PRIME is optimally suited for mobile printing with its integrated marking software, independent energy supply and a user interface with intuitive operation. Its compact size and practical accessories make the THERMOMARK PRIME the ideal companion for any task – whether in stationary use or on the go while in the field. Continue reading

App for finding the right marking solution

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The Marking system app from Phoenix Contact provides a mobile and structured search assistant for finding the right marking material for the relevant application.

Even customers who are unfamiliar with the marking range can therefore find suitable marking solutions for their application.

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Marking Box Contest Results

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Last month, there was a Marking Box Contest for our readers to win a Sennheiser CX 215 Earphone!  The winner has been chosen – read on to find out who.

Which of the following media can be printed on the Thermomark Roll?

Answer: Wire Wraps and Adhesive Labels

And the Winner is……………………………

Edward from PT. Indojaya Mitra Sarana

Congrats!!! We will be contacting you soon….. 

Out with the Old..In with the BLUE!!

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Traditional plotters often have a hard time, for example, marking cables and terminal strips. An employee enters the marking information into a computer, inserts a magazine, aligns the labeling material and then starts the plotter.

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