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Mobile Printing – Direct and flexible printing at the location of use!

The new mobile printing system from Phoenix Contact has now made this possible. The THERMOMARK PRIME is optimally suited for mobile printing with its integrated marking software, independent energy supply and a user interface with intuitive operation. Its compact size and practical accessories make the THERMOMARK PRIME the ideal companion for any task – whether in stationary use or on the go while in the field.

Thermomark_Prime_deskDesktop interaction
The THERMOMARK PRIME can easily be managed in stationary use using a PC and its wide variety of functions can be used by activating the CLIP PROJECT marking software.
Thermomark_Prime_CabinetMarking the control cabinet
The creation of labels for all components of control cabinet manufacturing is one of the core competencies of the THERMOMARK PRIME As The printing system resolves this task directly on-site with integrated marking software and energy on board.
Thermomark_Prime_On-the-goOn the go in industrial operation
Regardless of whether the labeling is on local installation sites or in supply equipment, mobile printing systems offer the highest amount of flexibility for the most varied of applications with a large selection of materials.
Thermomark_Prime_hoursReady to use for hours
Reliable labeling of industrial systems across large facilities is now possible due to the high battery power of the THERMOMARK PRIME. This allows users to create the highest quality labels directly on-site.

Flexibility in control cabinet manufacturing

Printing right at the control cabinet; The mobile THERMOMARK PRIME thermal transfer printer enables you to create labels for terminal blocks, conductors, cables, devices and systems right where they will be used. This all adds up to considerable time savings. The wide variety of different printing materials offers the correct label for every component.

Thermomark_Prime_fingerDirectly entering printing data
The marking system is installed directly on the printing system and is operated via touch display. Printing data can be entered in a clear and intuitive manner, making a connection to an external PC unnecessary.
Thermomark_Prime_backInterfaces for smart networking
The THERMOMARK PRIME has various interfaces for connecting to other systems to make the processing of extensive printing projects convenient.
Thermomark_Prime_materialLarge variety of materials
In addition to conductor and device labels, the THERMOMARK PRIME prints different terminal markings in card format; the printer processes a wide variety of terminal shapes and sizes – and in up to seven different colours.

Reliable in mobile use

The locations of use and requirements for industrial labelling are as numerous as they are varied: from locally organized industry assemblies to technical supply units. Labels must be processed accurately, flexibly and in high quality, wherever they will be used. With its material portfolio, the THERMOMARK PRIME provides this versatility and as a result, can be used in a wide variety of different applications.

Thermomark_Prime_always-liveAlways live
You can even create labels using the THERMOMARK PRIME in locations where a power supply is not automatically guaranteed. Its powerful battery outlasts an entire work shift and is capable of labelling up to 1500 UCT sheets. Using the special power supply unit, it is fully recharged in just three hours
Thermomark_Prime_ribbonFaster ink ribbon replacement
By Simply inserting the convenient ribbon cartridges, The various ink ribbons and printing materials can be replaced In less than 10 seconds.
Thermomark_Prime_varietyLarge variety of materials
Print different conductor and cable labels made of plastic for different assembly situations using the THERMOMARK PRIME; with cable binders for clipping, sliding or as adhesive labels – you decide what suits your application.

The printer for the real world

With the compact dimensions and robust design of the THERMOMARK PRIME, the machine can be transported conveniently and reliably while in use, even in large systems. The corresponding marking materials, which are just as durable as the printing system, are resistant to a wide variety of different environmental influences and remain clearly legible over the long term.

Thermomark_Prime_auto-detectAutomatic detection of consumables
The printer is able to detect which components were used via a hole pattern on the UCT metals or a barcode on the US materials or magazines. An error message appears if these are not compatible and misprints are prevented.
Thermomark_Prime_rurableDurable Labelling
System labels are frequently exposed to adverse environmental influences. The THERMOMARK PRIME creates labels that are resistant to environmental conditions. The high quality backing materials, e.g. the new US-EMLF materials for the outdoors, are just as resistant as the labels.
Thermomark_Prime_anti-relectAnti-reflection display
data entry via the smart touch display benefits the use of the printer across large facilities and outdoors. Besides this, The anti-glare display is also clearly legible, even if it extremely sunny outdoors.

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