Marking System for Simple and Fast Labeling

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The Thermomark Line is the new printing system from Phoenix Contact to mark terminals, cables, conductors, as well as equipment. It comprises two thermal transfer printers and a laptop on which the Clip Project marking software is installed.

The Thermomark Card printer prints all plastic labels in both card and mat formats. The Thermomark Roll version processes labels and heat shrink tubing in specific formats or endless rolls. It takes only 8 seconds to print each marking card. Both printers set themselves apart as a result of the simple operating concept. Plain text messages are output on the touch screen, which also accepts direct entries from the user.

Large housing covers that can be opened on the sides make it easy to change the ink ribbon and insert the rolls of material. The marking material in the card and mat format is directly inserted through a loading slot that can be opened

The integrated material detection avoids incorrect printing if the inserted material does not match the print data. This therefore reduces the usage of material as well as ink ribbon. The marking system can be quickly commissioned without any additional costs as the printer is simply connected to the laptop via a USB port.

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