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The new Bluemark Cled  from Phoenix Contact makes labeling standard UniCard materials for marking terminals, conductors, and devices as easy as printing on paper.

There is a complete system comprising Bluemark Cled and notebook with preinstalled Clip Project planning and marking software so that you can start to print immediately – nothing to install, nothing to set up. Simply connect the devices via USB and start to print.

With up to 10,000 labels an hour, state-of-the-art UV technology ensures fast and environmentally friendly printing. The solvent-free labeling fluid makes the Bluemark system suitable for clean room applications and ensures that labeling is extremely scratch-resistant and smear-proof.

The extensive range of UniCard materials is available in various versions, colors, and sizes for all applications involving labeling terminals, conductors, and devices.

Bluemark Cled  is part of the Marking system from Phoenix Contact. Labeling data is transmitted to the printer directly from the CAE system via the central Clip Project planning and marking software.

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