Out with the Old..In with the BLUE!!

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Traditional plotters often have a hard time, for example, marking cables and terminal strips. An employee enters the marking information into a computer, inserts a magazine, aligns the labeling material and then starts the plotter.

The plotter then starts to move and generates the specified characters. If the stylus dries up, the operator restarts the plotter after he has cleaned or replaced the stylus. All ink-based printing systems are plagued with these types of problems. Either the styluses dry up or the printer has to go through long and tedious cleaning cycles before again producing good results.

A New Era of Marking Printers has Arrived

Have you ever wonder what printer did we use to print for your terminal block UC markers?  Bluemark printer!

The “Bluemark LED” is the world’s first printing system for industrial marking based on LED technology. The printer uses a special UV ink that has been specifically designed for marking labels – for instance for terminal blocks. This UV ink doesn’t contain any solvents at all and is hardened using short-wave UV radiation. Thanks to this technique, no heat is required and there are no emissions of any kind.

With the LED technology, the Bluemark offers a broad range of advantages:

  • High LED efficiency slashes energy consumption by up to 90 percent
  • Low energy consumption permits operation without a fan, therefore reducing the noise level
  • Instantaneous start saves time and energy
  • High functional safety as a result of low LED failure rates
  • LEDs operate in conjunction with UV inks that do not contain any solvents and are emission free


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