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Setting the Standard

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Phoenix Contact Singapore, apart from being a components supplier, also offers assembly options for our customers. As customers’ needs become more diversified and to help them retain their competitive edge, we have the Value-Added Centre (VAC) that allows us to extend an added service in the form of assembly or printing etc. to you customers.

Most recently, we have also supplied enclosure boxes and the designing of the components that would go inside. Thereafter, upon successful assembly, the specifications would be recorded and it serves as future reference should the enclosure require replication.

Such a service can be as simple as a creating a small enclosure (pictured below), with some of the components including terminal blocks, a power supply, cable termination and labelling.

Figure 1: A sample or prototype enclosure box with PxC components

Figure 1: A sample or prototype enclosure box with PxC components

The choice of terminal blocks used depends on the customer’s requirement. Over here, a push-in connection was preferred for easy and quick connection. Other types of terminal blocks that we have include spring-cage, screw, bolt etc. We also carry different models of our Phoenix Contact power supply depending on the functionality required(i.e. Quint, Trio, UNO)  in order to maximise the availability of your systems using leading technology. Finally, label printing, which is one of our most commonly requested services, allow customers to have the flexibility to label the components to their own preferred way.

Figure 2: An enclosure

Figure 2: An enclosure

The junction box or enclosure chosen may be from Phoenix Contact or a brand of the customer’s choice, depending on the conditions where the box will be placed. Usually our sales representatives will engage our Solutions Team to ensure conditions are met and to have the customer approve the design before proceeding with production or assembly. Designs may include electrical drawings and component layouts.

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

Figure 3: A sample drawing done professionally

In conclusion, apart from being a component supplier, we believe in creating a working relationship with our customers that goes both ways. With our VAC, we are able to provide a service that is uniquely catered to different customers from various industry sectors.

Display Carrier System: Enclosure for Display system

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Display Carrier System
The Display Carrier System protects mobile and stationary displays from mechanical impacts as well as from dust and water spray. Typical areas of application include laboratory and analysis technology as well as healthcare and building automation.

Protection degree: IP54

Membrane keypad

Membrane keypad

Temperature range: -20℃ to +50℃
Display size: 5.7”, 7” and 15”
Material: shock-resistant ABS plastic
Color: light gray (RAL 7035)
Advantage for customer
Easy integration of displays

LCD Display

LCD Display

Direct entry possible via membrane keypad
Convenient handling
Battery integration
Customize versions for special requirement
Market Applications
Building automation Phoenix Contact Panel PC
Monitoring System

If you would like to find out more about Phoenix Contact’s Display Carrier System, check out our website or leave me your contact and I will get in touch with you soon.

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Environment Case System – All-weather protection for PCB Applications

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As the world’s climate continue to change and the weather becomes evermore unpredictable, the need for an ideal enclosure to protect the printed circuit board (PCB) has just became more important.

Phoenix Contact has just the solution. Introducing the Environment Case System (ECS)!

The applications for this enclosure are endless. From a control unit on the exterior building to a sub electronic board on the top of a lamp post, the ECS is a suitable enclosure for even adverse weather condition.

5 Features of the Environment Case System

So what benefits do you get with the Environment Case System (ECS)?

  1. Since it is designed for most outdoor use, the ECS is able to withstand operating temperatures of -40˚C to +85˚C, UV exposure, and it is even able to reduce pressure build up that occurs when an environment has temperature swings through an optional pressure compensation membrane. Therefore, providing an IP67 rating which is dust proof and jet water resistant.

    Environment Case System - Pressure compensating membrane

    Environment Case System – Pressure compensating membrane

  2. It has tamper protection via a cable binder to indicate proof if the closure has been opened after installation.

    Environment Case System - Anti-tamper

    Environment Case System – Anti-tamper

  3. It is robust and hardy. Tests have been carried out with more than 100KG force applied with no distortion or damage.
  4. Pole-mount accessories facilitates easy installation on a pole rather than requiring a wall to drill and secure the enclosure to.

    Environment Case System - Pole Mount

    Environment Case System – Pole Mount

  5. Although the ECS is a standard product, the enclosure can be semi-customise of cut-outs is possible on any flat surface.

Market Applications for ECS

With such a lineup of features, what applications can you use the Environment Case system for?

  1. Telecommunication locations
  2. Outdoor building automation
  3. Green energy such as wind and solar energy
  4. Unmanned utility vehicle
  5. Testing & monitoring equipment
  6. Agriculture equipment

Contact us now for a sample to secure your PCB from any harsh environment.

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Importance of choosing the right PCB enclosure

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What is considered important when it comes to choosing the right PCB enclosure. Let us guide you through the process.

Price? Style? Service & support? Reputation of the supplier?

In the matter of fact, all of above are essential. The engineers should select the enclosure at first and then choice the mechanical & electronic components to suit the enclosure.
We need to consider

The 3 common plastic enclosures are ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyester which are high functionality, light weight, flexible in design.

The Ingress Protection
The ingress protection classification DIN EN 60529 determines and rates protection against solid particle (e.g. dust) as well as liquid incursion.

The letters IP (ingress protection) is followed by a two-digit number; the first digit indicates the level of Solid particle protection and the second digit indicate Liquid ingress protection. IP Code

Environmental Considerations
How the enclosure will last over many years of operation depends on how well you evaluate the environmental impact of elements such as UV rays, temperature, airborne debris, etc.
Different materials offer varying degrees of impact resistance.

The internal and external dimensions of a PCB enclosure is extremely important. Sadly, in many cases, the PCB is chosen first and this makes it difficult for the engineer to source the best fit enclosure solution.

Modification of Standard Enclosures
The enclosure supplier may need to support modifications with value-added services that include drilling, milling, printing, color, etc. Some suppliers can even provide advance services like fitting membrane keypads, displays on the enclosure, etc as a complete solution.

Ease of Assembly
A complex PCB design may make it difficult to assemble electronic and mechanical components in the enclosure, which make is an important point to consider when selecting an enclosure.

Range of PCB Enclosure

Check out Phoenix Contact’s range of enclosures here


We, at Phoenix Contact, understand your problems and offer a wide range of options for shape, color, and function when it comes to choosing the right enclosure. Whether on a wall or on a DIN rail, from light gray to sky blue, narrow or wide, many many to choose from. With the two new enclosures, Universal case system (UCS)  and Environment case system (ECS) added into the selection, it is much easier to choose your enclosure.

Please view the Enclosure brochure.

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Phoenix Contact’s Partners at Singapore International Water Week

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On our exhibition panels displayed at the Singapore International Water Week, we featured a full waste water reclamation process. These panels were supplemented by actual working demo kits comprising mostly Phoenix Contact products.

However, to provide a complete solution, we were fortunate to have control boxes from Rittal and field instruments from Vega Instruments. A big ‘Thank You’ to our Strategic Alliance Partners for their sponsorship.

What is Strategic Alliance Partnership? It is a initiative for our partners and us come together to synergise and leverage on each others’ strengths. In effect, maximizing gains in Marketing activities or Project Sales potential at the lowest possible cost.

Let me share a little bit more about our partners.

Rittal is a systems supplier for industrial enclosures, power distribution and junction boxes. Their range of boxes include stainless steel and plastic enclosures.

Vega instruments provided us with the Level Transmitters which uses the latest radar technology to calculate and monitor the level of the liquid!

Radar Transmitter

VEGAPULS 61 Radar Transmitter