The NEW Universal Electronics Housing: Embedded System Smart Packaged

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The new UCS Housing

The Universal Case System, by Phoenix Contact

Specific solutions often require very specific housing designs.

The concept for the new universal electronics housing (UCS) from Phoenix Contact makes it easy for equipment manufacturers to source for suitable packaging for their embedded system.

Trends such as industry 4.0, Internet of Things, LTE (Long Term Evolution – 4th generation mobile communications) and Smart Home are increasingly utilizing the networking of electronics.

The devices used are based on embedded systems.

New application fields create a large number of electronic assemblies. Because of this, it is often difficult to find a suitable housing.

With its flexible PCB mounting system, the new UCS by Phoenix Contact helps device manufacturers to implement the application quickly and hassle free.

Basic Information

The universal electronics housing (UCS) is part of a comprehensive housing program from Phoenix Contact which comes with a wide range of form, color, and function.

The housing includes basic enclosures, modular enclosures, multifunctional enclosures, extruded enclosures, field enclosures as well as customized enclosures.

1.      Form factor free

The partially sensitive electronics, which are located on numerous standardized and non-standard printed circuit boards, must be protected against environmental impacts.

Standardized electronic components offer several advantages in terms of networking- they have also proven their reliability in the industrial environment, and they could withstand harsh conditions.

These advantages help device builders to accelerate electronic device development processes and reduce development costs.

For components housing however, the market barely exists. Cases are often produced specifically for a particular solution, or the basic enclosures are adapted to the application-specific requirements at a much higher cost.

If the electronics are used in different applications, different housings are usually required.If the device manufacturer has to refer to its housing from different housing manufacturers, this becomes a disadvantage.

UCS Modular Design

Fig. 1: Modular design: the UCS universal housing system offers a variety of solutions with its freely combinable housing parts.

2.      Modular construction

The UCS (Universal Case System) concept makes it easier for the equipment manufacturer to find the right solution for their electronics because it is modular designed.

Basically, the housing consists of two identical half-shells. The removable side walls are guided by the corner brackets and are supported in the half shells.

The housing is screwed with thinned-head screws with a combined slotted Torx head, which are securely fixed.

What’s more, for different housing heights requirement, the same base could be used.

Only the side walls and the screws have to be replaced by a higher version and adapted to the new requirement. Corner inserts and half-shells are retained.

In addition, the side walls can be used in different housing sizes.

The system is designed in such a way that the larger of the two differently sized side walls can be used as a small side wall of the next larger variant.

Thus, the space available for extensions is adaptable to any size. In addition, the removable side walls offer the possibility to position interfaces on more than one side (Fig. 2).

Modular Designed UCS

Fig. 2: Signals, data and power: With individual interfaces, the UCS universal electronics housing becomes a simple, adaptable control unit.

3.      Flexible circuit board mounting

UCS offers a variety of ways to secure circuit boards.

In order to take advantage of the maximum mounting area when developing their own circuits, the PCBs can be fixed directly to the corner inserts within the integrated screw dome.

With standardized circuit boards – with and without individual extensions – the corner inserts can also be used without the integrated screw dome.

Here, special screw domes are used, which are glued to the predetermined position.

The combination of both fastening systems offers individual design possibilities.

Even two printed circuit boards are not a problem because the entire base area can be used in every housing half shell. Only the structural height of the circuit boards forms a limitation here (Fig. 3).

Flexible Circuit Board Mounting

Fig. 3: PCB mounting: Integrated circuit boards or flexible circuit board mountings simplify the mounting of individual and standard printed circuit boards.

4.      Faster Task Completion

For the equipment manufacturers, choosing the right housing supplier is increasingly important, especially when it comes to speed.

Our online configurator provides valuable support through which the appropriate housing can be assembled in just a few steps. (Access to the Online Configurator can be found here.)

The simplest way is to use standardized circuit boards – here only the form factor has to be selected. Alternatively, the online configurator displays further variants which are suitable for integrating the electronic components.

Almost any circuit board can be mounted in the UCS – which the online configurator will tell you.

The integration of several circuit boards into one housing is also not complicated.

All the 3D data required for the integration process is available in a variety of formats to facilitate easy implementation into the enclosure system.

The housing solutions are predetermined by the configurator. This includes either complete sets, which are available in the standard colors (light grey and black) as well varying heights of 47mm or 67 mm.

With the extensive range of accessories, the new housing can be extended by the Configurator by numerous functions.All selected components are listed in a parts list and can be exported as a file (Fig. 4).

UCS Online Configurator

Fig. 4: Online Configurator: The suitable housing solution can be compiled in a few steps by the user via the network and then implemented more quickly by the housing supplier.

5. UCS adapts to the environment

Whether the housing is on the floor or mounted on the wall, with the comprehensive range of adapters, almost every type of application is possible.

Similarly, mounting the housing on a support rail in the control cabinet is also possible – for this, there are also additional modules in the configurator.

The components are also available in varying colors.

With the numerous choices in color, it is also possible to take individual color designs according to customer requirements or according to corporate design (Fig. 5).

UCS Variation

Fig. 5: Variety of variants: The UCS housing system offered numerous shapes, colors, functions and mounting options.


The universal electronics housing system (UCS) offers device manufacturers a high degree of flexibility and individuality.

Thanks to the modular design, the device manufacturer develops a variety of devices for a decentralized application within a housing system.

Free-to-use housing parts also allow individual design solutions.

The structural nature of the modular system and the online can greatly assist device manufacturers to easily implement devices and systems for new applications.

The advantages at a glance

  • Optimal design of the device through a comprehensive range of housing and connection technology
  • Integration of almost all PCB sizes
  • Use in a variety of applications through comprehensive adapter program
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to optional bus system
  • Creative and flexible housing insert in different colors
  • Numerous variations by customer-specific printing and processing of the assortment
  • Individual new developments for customer-specific device ideas

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