Valueline Industrial PC – The Red Dot Design Award Winner 2015

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The next-generation Valueline Industrial PC from Phoenix Contact is a combination of functional design and high-performance technology. This impressed the Red Dot jury which awarded the Industrial PC (VL2) as the winner for the Red Dot Design Award 2015.

Industrial PCs with touch display, commonly known as Panel PCs, are increasingly becoming the main interface between humans and machines. This Human Machine Interface HMI) combines all the operating and monitoring requirements allowing the operator to effectively manage the production processes.

At the same time, a high-performance computer could be required for all the control, data storage and reporting tasks in the system. Thus, a combination of modern computer technology and user-friendly design is all the more important.

With its clean and sleek design, the IP65-compliant front with multi-touch capabilities acts as the interface for every system.

As a manufacturer of innovative automation technology, Phoenix Contact develops robust panel PCs tailored to the requirements of industrial production processes. Equipped with modern Intel® Core™ i processors, combined with flexible RAM and storage extension that can be adapted to the requirements; the latest generation of Valueline panel PCs is able to smoothly display ever complex system processes in detail.

The rear panel of the housing was optimized for quick maintenance access as shown below; allowing easy access to all essential components.


The spring loaded retractable latch shown below temporarily holds the IPC in place, allowing it to be easily installed by 1 person. This increases manpower efficiency as it is no longer required for 2 people to do the installation – one person to hold the IPC in place, while the other screws the mounting brackets.

Back of the pc

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