Revolutionizing the Field Industrial PC – The Designline IPC

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Whenever an industrial PC has to be installed in the field along a manufacturing line for operator interaction, it has to be panel mounted onto an enclosure for ingress protection against dust and/or water.

This is because the typical industrial PC is designed with IP65 only on the front face where the screen is and IP20 at the rear resulting in the need of an enclosure to protect the rear.

 To eliminate the hassle of installing an Industrial PC in the field, the Designline industrial PC designed to meet IP65 all round has been launched.


The birth of the Designline has revolutionized the entire process of installing an industrial PC in the field by eliminating the need of an enclosure.

In addition, the Designline is designed for mounting with the standard VESA mount. This makes the purchase or fabrication of the swivel arm simpler as well as reducing the strength requirement of the swivel arm since it no longer needs to withstand the weight of the additional enclosure resulting in additional cost savings.

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With the Designline IPC, we seek to reduce your installation cost and efforts resulting in increased profits and hassle free installation experience

Other than the innovative all round IP 65 Designline, Phoenix Contact does supply Industrial PC of different form factor to suit your installation needs e.g . Box PC, Panel PC both for outdoor and indoor installation, etc.

For more information on the different Industrial PCs, please click HERE  or contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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