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The PI Association Southeast Asia conducted a Profibus / Profinet Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand on 4th September 2014. Coincidentally, during the same period, there was also another event held in Bangkok called the Oil & Gas Thailand (OGET) from 2nd – 4th September 2014.


Coming up to this event, I was really a little worried whether the turn out for this event was going to be good due to the other event. Even though the online registrations were fully booked, sometimes, you never know!

This seminar was jointly sponsored by big names in the field of Profibus and Profinet like ABB, Leoni Kerpern, Link Vue Systems, Pepperl + Fuchs, Siemens, Turck and of course, Phoenix Contact. These companies also provided live demonstrations of their products and solutions during this seminar, giving the participants the chance to have a face to face discussion with the experts.

PI Seminar Bangkok 2014 - Phoenix Contact








On the day of the seminar, it turns out that my worries were unfounded – as there were a total of 125 people from various industries, distributors, system integrators and even lecturers from Universities that attended this event – which is more than what was anticipated.

In the Phoenix Contact booth, together with the local Thai sales team, we showcased our range of products from Profinet PLCS (e.g. Hot-standby Controller RFC460r), Profinet Network Switches, Wireless products for Profinet / Profibus (e.g Bluetooth, WLAN, Radioline), Profinet/Profibus IOs, Touch Panels, IPCs and also our Profinet connector / cabling solutions.

Our Varioface VIP cabling for S7-300, Mini Analog Pro and even our new Nanoline controller was put on display as well!

PI Seminar Bangkok 2014 PI Seminar Bangkok 2014














This seminar was divided into 3 parts – news and market updates on Profibus / Profinet, a Profibus segment with presentations on installations and best practices and finally a Profinet segment with presentations on innovative Industrial Ethernet solutions as well as the new features available.

I presented Industrial Ethernet Network design which highlighted the different network architectures and structures we can formulate in Profinet. This aims to show that Profinet is not only for wired system, it can also be implemented for wireless applications as well! Creating wireless safety applications with Profinet is also possible as well.

PI Seminar Bangkok 2014









The Seminar in Bangkok is part of a continuing Seminar series in ASEAN countries. We achieved a high participation rate thanks to the support of our local Thai members, who helped us with the organization and with professional translation during the event.

We will continue our series this year with Philippines. Stay tuned for more information and thanks to those who have participated in this seminar to make it a success!




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