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IO Link

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Have you ever encountered the following situations?

  • Machine stops suddenly due to contaminated sensor/actuator
  • Stopping the machine in order to change to another color detection (or other parameters) on the sensor
  • Stopping the machine when replacing a faulty sensor in order to set the parameter of the new sensor

What if you can…

  • Re-parameterize the sensor without shutting the machine down
  • Replace a new sensor with the previous parameters automatically downloaded without shutting the machine down

The above is made possible due to the IO Link technology. IO Link is a standardized IO-technology (based on IEC 61131-9) focusing the communication between field devices and sensors & actuators. This enables the exchange of both process data and service data between the connection and sensor/actuator. With the IO Link technology, devices can now identify and configure themselves automatically. This will enable an easy replacement of defective components and reduces downtime significantly.

An IO-Link system consists of the following basic components:

  • IO-Link master
  • IO-Link devices
  • Standard 3-wire sensor cable/actuator cable

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive IP20 and IP67 portfolio of IO-Link masters, IO-Link devices, cabling, and software.

If you need further consultation on your next IO-Link application, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at!

CLOUD IoT GATEWAY – The Smart Gateway for IoT Solutions

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The CLOUD IoT Gateway is designed to allow users to integrate their existing systems into the cloud. Machines and physical infrastructures can now be connected to the digital world. This will allow users to implement applications such as big data, condition monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. With protocols such as Modbus/TCP supported, the IoT gateway enables an easy process of connection.  No additional engineering software is required as the parameter configuration can be easily carried out at the gateway using web-based management.

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Key benefits to users

  • Direct connection to the cloud for data analysis
  • No learning of new software – configuration is done via web-based management
  • Existing devices with Modbus/TCP can be connected to cloud
  • Robust hardware for usage in industrial environment
  • Secured transmission using TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security)

Interested to see how this works? Feel free to request a demonstration by dropping us an email at!

The Next Gen PLC

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Discover the next generation of PLC TECHNOLOGY

With an imminent changing of generations, one can expect “Generation Y” to outnumber “baby boomers” in the coming years. Where the automation industry is concerned, this means that the Gen Y users who are more familiar with high level languages (e.g C, C++ and C#) will increase gradually while on the other hand, the users of traditional IEC 61131 programming language will decrease in years to come. Therefore a user-selectable environment is needed to cater to the development of both types of users from various generations. With the PLCnext technology, program sequences from different programming languages can now be combined into a few different tasks or one single task. High-level language programs therefore become automatically deterministic like a classical PLC program.

PLCnext Technology forms the basis of the new, open control platform from Phoenix Contact. This solution is future-proof, flexible, and perfectly suited for the requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, both for existing users who perform IEC 61131 programming and for users using high-level programming languages.  PLCnext technology is the basis of a new, technologically leading generation of Phoenix Contact controls dedicated to the automation business of the future.

Interested to see how this works? Feel free to request a demonstration from us by leaving us an email at!

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5 Reasons to Consider an Industrial PC

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In most companies, the Information Technology (IT) departments are usually the team responsible for hardware configuration, physical implementations, software installation and many other services in relations to PCs within the company.

As a business, having downtime and substandard quality in their PCs or IT-related infrastructure could affect overall performance.

This may not bode well as lacking behind could open up advantages to competitors and slow reaction time to meet customers’ demands.

To ensure that your business keeps up with the Joneses or perhaps even outperforms against competition, you need to rely on Industrial PCs.

Why, you asked?

Simple! Because off-the-shelf solutions may not work for some as there could exist limitations.

Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Form Factor
    Industrial PC is an option you should consider because it comes in multiple form factors. If a 19” rack mount solution is required, various options are available.

    Rack-mounted PC

    Rack-mounted PCs

    In instances where a smaller cabinet or tight space limit the size of the PC, you can utilize a 6-slot/8-slot Wall Mount or Desktop.

    If space and air flow both play a major factor in your decision-making, you can go with a Din-Rail, Stand mount or Wall mount Embedded PC. If you’d like to combine a HMI with the Embedded PC, there are a myriad of 4:3 and widescreen touch/multi-touch solutions available.

    If a stand-alone HMI is preferable, you can configure a Touch Panel ComputerPanel PC or Industrial Panel PC to meet your specific requirements.

    For Phoenix Contact, we offer varying types of PCs and HMI to suit different applications. Again, because it’s designed to be space saving and comes in different form factors, you won’t have any issues selecting the right solution for the right task.


Industrial PC

Industrial PC

  1. Performance
    There is a common misunderstanding that Industrial PCs can’t run as fast as some of the off-the-shelf PCs.In reality, performance is the forefront of most Industrial Computer manufacturers. The majority of industrial computer manufacturers partner with CPU providers (such as Intel) to continuously develop product lines based on CPU trends and long-term availability.Our CPU comes suited for the application, with the latest generation of high-performance and energy-efficient Intel® Atom™, Celeron® or Core™ i processors.
    Not to mention, running on operating systems for every application from Windows® 7 or 10 and even Windows® Embedded Standard 7.


Panel PC

Panel PC


  1. Endurance & Durability
    Industrial computers are characterized by long hours of operation, resistance to vibration and shock from occasional thumps.Commercial-grade computers are not designed to withstand long operating hours without overheating and potentially damaging its internal components.On the other hand, industrial grade computers have integrated cooling “fans” or device to help dissipate heat efficiently. In fact, the most common reason for failure in consumer-grade computer is the low grade power supply and electronics used.
    If you plan on acquiring commercial grade computers for your industry to be used more than 25 hours per week or even 24 x 7, you should definitely reconsider an industrial PC.

    Designline PC

    Designline PC

  2. Display Technology
    Display is one key technology that is most often neglected. A display that is suitable for indoor use is not necessarily suitable to be used in the outdoor environment.One might argue that you can increase the brightness of the display to the maximum when used outdoors, however it will never be enough to compensate for the brightness of the sun. Thanks to optical bonding, the displays of our outdoor HMIs and industrial PCs can be read effectively at any time.In addition to this, they are provided with an anti-reflection coating (AR coating) and can therefore even be read in dazzling sunlight. An integrated UV and IR filter also ensures a long service life for the industrial PCs.

    Designline PC

    Designline PC

  3. Customization
    The ability to customize your Industrial PC configuration to tailor exactly to your application’s specifications is valued more than everything else.Many, if not all, of the off-the-shelf PCs are limited in customization and although they provide the minimal performance, they generally do not allow various customizations.
    Users require configuration flexibility due to the multiple CPUs, varying amounts of memory and multiple I/O card required.With an Industrial PC, you could provide hundreds of “one-off” solutions that can enable you to fulfill your every requirement; for each task without costing you additional on hardware/software configuration.If you still doubt the quality of our HMI, you can watch the physical test we ran (*We highly advice you not to try such stunts as we won’t be responsible if you hurt yourself).

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Marine-Certified TPM3000 – Built for the High Seas

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Marine-certified HMI

Marine-certified HMI


Salt and water are the natural enemies of most man-made product and in any marine environment, you will find these in abundance. Saltwater will corrode all manners of metal over time. Therefore, to qualify for marine certification, any product has to pass stringent test.

Consequently, for any insurance to be arranged or licenses to be issued, it is necessary for ships and off-shore platforms to be surveyed and certified to international and/or national regulations by one of the marine classification boards.

To fulfill such exacting requirements, Phoenix Contact offers the TPM 3000 series Touch Panels. Designed for maritime applications, these Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) were specially tested and approved for shipbuilding.

Available in a range of sizes (4.3″, 5.7″, 7″, 10.4″, 12.1″ and 15″), each model features two buttons for dimming the display brightness, an external horn, and on the rear, a floating output for connecting external signal generators.

TPM 3000 Series Touch Panel

TPM 3000 Series Touch Panel

Summary of Benefits

  • Tested quality: certified according to GL, LR, BV, DNV, ABS, and EN 60945
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Acoustic warning from integrated buzzer
  • Flexible communication, even with third-party systems
  • Floating output for connecting external signal generators.
  • Readable in direct sunlight, thanks to GFG touch technology with anti-reflection coating

With wide choices of display sizes and range of functions, the TPM 3000 series will provide you with user-friendly and reliable operation, monitoring and alerting while at sea. The robust TPM 3000 series are designed for demanding applications on board ships.
>> Read more about the TPM 3000

Ready-to-assemble sensor/actuator cables in PVC construction

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Phoenix Contact now also offers ready-to-assemble cables in PVC cable quality as a standard stock item for sensor/actuator cabling. These cost-effective cables are easy to assemble because even long stripping lengths can be used. They can be applied in all areas with moderate mechanical stresses, such as machine construction. The cables are also distinguished by a high resistance against chemicals and mineral oils.


The product range includes SAC cables of types M8 and M12, as well as valve connectors. The 296 newly designed items are in stock and available at quantities starting at one and above. Just like the PUR range of products, the PVC range has a universal UL certification (cULus Listed) for types M8 and M12 and a CSA certification for model A valve connectors.

Distributor box for power applications

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In field-based power distribution, at power supply voltages of 24 V a larger cable cross-section size is required in order to counteract voltage drop across long distances. The M12 power distribution boxes from Phoenix Contact, in combination with standard cables of up to 4×6 mm², are designed for this application.


The distributor has four T-coded M12 slots with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eight channels is equipped with a plug-in fuse. Devices are connected directly via T-coded M12 standard cables. The distributor is supplied via standard cables and a plug-in sleeve housing with contact inserts and separate crimp contacts.

The status of the input and output sides can be checked at any time via LEDs. Further evaluation data is provided via an M12 diagnostics port that is connected to the controller in the control cabinet. T-coded items such as molded system lines, attachable plug-in connectors, Y-distributors, and energy distributors provide reliable power distribution in the field.

Heavy-duty connectors for every application

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Heavycon complete heavy-duty connectors from Phoenix Contact offer a reliable seal up to degree of protection IP69K. There are matching plug-in connections for every requirement with housings from three series types and matching contact inserts which can be combined.


The standard series offers a wide range of robust metal housings with various different cable outlet directions and locking mechanisms. The flexible, swiveling bayonet locking of the EVO series allows the cable outlet direction to be freely selected and reduces the number of versions and thereby the warehousing costs by up to 70%. Not only does the direct screw locking without panel mounting base result in cost savings, it also means that the Advance housings are particularly durable and robust.

All components can be individually combined and flexibly modified, extended or exchanged. The standard and EVO housing is pin-compatible with the market standard and the Heavycon metal housing is “EMC-ready” thanks to conductive surfaces and seals. Combined with shielded cable glands, they offer you reliable protection in electromagnetic surroundings. All housing series fit standard panel cutouts.

App for finding the right marking solution

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The Marking system app from Phoenix Contact provides a mobile and structured search assistant for finding the right marking material for the relevant application.

Even customers who are unfamiliar with the marking range can therefore find suitable marking solutions for their application.

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