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Many may know that Phoenix Contact places a lot on emphasis on innovation. New products are being created every year to satisfy the market needs. Automation has been the hottest topic in town and many industry players have been riding on the bandwagon. A fast and efficient system needs to be reliable as well. The value of automation cannot be fully realised without dependable components. Connectors, being one of the core components used in machines such as robotics, should not be neglected.

M17-M40 PRO series is a facelift from the original M17-M40 connectors.  Phoenix Contact makes a good connector better. M17-M40 PRO series comes with the highest cross manufacturer compatibility worldwide. Detailed CT scan and tolerance analysis had been carried out to ensure good connectivity and minimum losses for retrofitting.

Patented locking system, ONECLICK gives you optic, haptic and acoustic feedback when it is connected. So you can see, feel and hear your connector being connected. This is extremely helpful if you have the plug in the connector that is out of your line of sight.

Shielding is important to reduce electrical noises and eliminate signal loss. In order for the shielding to be effective, it has to be connected correctly to the connector. M17-M40 PRO series is designed not only to have effective shielding, but it can be easily terminated without any tools.

M17-M40 connectors are often used in servo motors which are installed at joints of robot to actuate the movement, giving the robot arm its precise angle. This application usually has stringent requirements such as vibration resistance up to 20G. Of course, M17-M40 PRO series is able to live up to the test and more. Both locking systems (standard and ONECLICK) are tested with vibration resistance of MORE than 20G.

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PRO series comes in 3 sizes- M17, M23 and M40 with signal and power connection. Interested to try out all the benefits mentioned above? Get in touch with us at marketing@phoenixcontact.com.sg!



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