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What happens when relays and transistors are used as one function?

Electric motors are used in a variety of industrial applications for controlling movements. The motors are often started using classic, mechanical contactor circuits. Besides the advantage of the low price, the conventional contactor technology also has major disadvantages such as high space requirements, limited service life and the need for considerable wiring.

The innovative CONTACTRON hybrid technology combines semiconductor and relay technology and thus offers a cost effective and technically superior alternative to the conventional contactor technology. The CONTACTRON solid-state reversing contactor “4 in 1” is the first CONTACTRON product that already works with the hybrid technology. It offers motor protection and a safety function, as well as a complete reversing contactor circuit for a motor – all this integrated in a single device no wider than your thumb.

The wide range includes devices which implement either a simple motor start function (“1 in 1”) or two functions (“2 in 1”, e.g. motor start + safety) or three functions (“3 in 1”, e.g. forward running + reverse running + motor protection).

From the CONTACTRON range, the customer can choose the device that offers the functions required for the respective motor (forward running / reverse running / emergency stop / motor protection).

More importantly, the Contactron has 10 times the service life of the normal contactors.

You will be surprised how much cost savings you will have when you start replacing those faulty contactors within the lifespan of our Contactron.

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Hybrid Contactors = CONTACTRON from Phoenix Contact.

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