Phoenix Contact Table Soccer Competition 2018

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With the excitement about the FIFA World Cup, Phoenix Contact Singapore organised our very own Foosball Tournament!

Also known as Table Soccer/Table Football, the goal (pun absolutely intended) is to score by kicking the miniature soccer ball into the opponent’s gate, which is always on the right, using the miniature players on rods known as foosmen. In the case of our tournament, the match would end when one team scored 10 goals against the other or when 5 minutes was up, whichever was first.

Tensions were high, voices were loud but most importantly fun was had in spades. Who would have known that Phoenix Contact had so many up-and-coming star players?

Where’s the ball? Where’d it go???

If they can’t see my face, they can’t read my moves…

Fantastic plays were made, brilliant defences engaged and spectacular saves were executed. Spectators and participants alike had a great time during the exciting matches, having fun and relieving stress; some might even say it was better than watching the actual FIFA World Cup! (Although to be fair, the people who said this probably don’t actually watch the FIFA World Cup.)



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