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Dining in the Dark SignOn 7 July 2017, Phoenix Contact SEA invited a total of 50 participants including customers and staff  to an unique dining experience, where they dined through ther sense of touch, sound and taste in complete darkness. This unconventional ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience was made possible with the support of Singapore Association of the Visual Handicapped (SAVH). It is an association that helps the visually handicapped to lead an independent life not only through education, and also by providing training for employment opportunities and mobility as well as ensuring that their welfare is being addressed.

Dining in the Dark - Massage

The event started with a massage session by visually handicapped masseurs and tea reception for all the guests, followed by introduction and briefing on ‘Dining in the Dark’ before all guests were led and seated by trained visually handicapped SAVH staff into the dining rooms.

Dining in the Dark - Registration

Dine without Sight

Throughout the dinner, our guests were served by visually handicapped waiters/waitresses who have been specifically trained to offer guidance and reassurance to our sighted guests throughout the 2 hours event. In the past, there have been guests who were overwhelmed by the total darkness. Imagine having to live through your whole life in darkness.

In the end, many of our guests found the whole dining experience a truly unique one. Not only did they had a great time spent with colleagues and business partners communicating purely through sound, they also experienced a reverse of roles where the blind become their ‘eyes’.

Customers recounting their dining experience

Customers recounting their dining experience

Customer group photo

It was an experience that can change the perspective of a sighted person, where they came face-to-face with some of the difficulties that a visually handicapped person has to go through in their daily life. It takes great courage and a strong positive attitude for a blind person to learn the ability to carry out tasks that many assume to be easy.

Group Photo with our customers

Thank you all for participating

We know that it is not easy when one loses his/her ability to see. Hence, through this event, in partnership with SAVH, Phoenix Contact would like to raise the awareness of the life challenges that a visually handicapped person faces.

Mission Complete group photo

Mission Complete

To find out more on how you can make a difference, please visit SAVH website at



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