Delivering a Memorable Experience

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Delivering a Memorable Experience is not just a fantasy, it is our vision.

Being in an engineering company does not mean we’re all work!

Okay, great. The task of writing for a blog on the Company’s official site is confirmed and there is no running away from it.

The migraines of writing an article

Writing an article for the Company’s official blog is not a walk in the park. Especially on top of the personal commitment and work responsibilities, blog writing does require some effort and most importantly, inspiration. That, I thought could be challenging at my “young” age but I know that somehow our readers would appreciate the company’s input on the industry and I shall “be inspired”, somehow.

I pondered over a couple of nights, and over numerous cups of coffee thinking what could possibly be a good article that may interest people to visit our blog. Afterall, we are an Engineering company and like it or not, it’s mostly technical articles.

(Very dramatic. Not the actual picture but you get the idea)

With my dark eye bags and highly intoxicated with caffeine, it got me contemplating– what should be an article that’s worth reading.

For an engineering company such as Phoenix Contact, it is expected of us to pen articles on products which could get a tad too technical. Perhaps I should be writing something that’s not so product-oriented or perhaps something that would get our company noticed by the next face featured on “The Peak” or “Forbes”.

In the midst of the coffee-induced reverie, I accidentally spilled my cup all over the “Company’s Mission Statement” that was lying haphazardly on my desk. That was when I got my revelation. I just had to write something about our mission statement!

I’m not sure what I’m doing

Often times we read about how a company’s products and services could land huge contracts but it is uncommon to read an article that encapsulates the true essence of the company. What truly made the core values of Phoenix contact?

Our Mission Statement

By understanding the goals and vision of a company, every essential member of the company could work towards in the same direction and thus influence our external stakeholders to follow suit.

Our mission statement goes something like this:

“To provide the most Sustainable Solutions in Industrial Control & Automation,

backed up by Class-Leading Customer Service and Operational Excellence,

led by a Motivated Team to deliver Memorable Experiences

This is going to be on our mugs, walls and even on our customized t-shirts

Recently, while renovating my humble abode, I managed to find a supplier who could refurbish bathroom tiles at a compatible price. Being in the Sales myself, I know I am not an easy customer. I fuss about quality, time and seeking answers and solutions to my problems just like any other customer out there. I found myself complaining incessantly, like a typical Singaporean.

Yes, Customers are “always right”

It set me thinking about what actually mattered to a customer?
“Was it the service rendered?”
“Was it the awesome solution that took the trouble away?”

Service + Price = Happy Customers

To me when I look for a supplier, it is about a reasonably priced solution being paired with excellent customer service. With those values aligned, I can almost say it will be a memorable experience levied and I will not wait to share the good experience and give my positive recommendations and feedback to my colleagues and friends. I would think many would feel the same way as I do.

Honestly, one can do no wrong when their customers feel that they have had a great experience because ultimately, an unforgettable experience could turn into a lifelong relationship.

Feeling like a superstar when all my customers like me

Henceforth, when you are looking for an item, say a PCB terminal block, do remember it’s not always about the dollars and cents that are tied to it. The true value lies in the solution that Phoenix Contact can provide in connection with a memorable experience you do not want to miss.

Just like our mission statement, we deliver more than just customer service. We build relationships! For every product you purchase, we see you as a lifetime partner in our business

When was the last time you spoke to a Phoenix Contact representative?

Give us a call. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the team.


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