Integrated solutions for Mechanical Engineering

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Phoenix Contact has a wide range of products and services to help machine manufacturers increase their competitiveness. The cost effectiveness, quality, flexibility, and performance of the machines are of critical importance in this regard.

In answer to these requirements, Phoenix Contact offers a seamless and integrated system from the controller down to the terminal block.

Integrated solutions for mechanical engineering

Both the new Rifline complete relay system and the Clipline complete terminal block system, as well as the Axioline F I/O system, focus on easy handling, a systematic approach, and openness to proven standards. As a consequence, these products implement a push-in connection system for tool-free wiring, a consistent bridge system, and standard labeling.

This means that customers can install the devices quickly and with little effort and, as a result of the standardized marking and labeling materials, reduce their inventory costs.

What’s more, the Clip Project planning and marking software supports customers across the board, from planning and ordering through to a completely labeled machinery construction application.

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