Installation terminals with Screw Connection Technology

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Phoenix Contact’s new generation of UTI installation terminals is tailored to the requirements of electrical installation and distributor construction.

The screw connection is designed for conductor cross sections of up to 4 mm². These compact space-savers with widths starting at 5.2 mm offer many advantages in terms of handling, especially in installation technology.

Installation terminals with screw connection technology

Connections are simply and reliably established to the PEN conductor busbar using the latching disconnect slides with status display. Double function shafts combined with the patented plug-in bridge system from the Clipline complete modular terminal block system allow users to flexibly duplicate L1-L2-L3 potentials, for example.

This makes it possible to install three-phase wiring using just two terminals. Easy-to-identify labeling surfaces and test sockets at each terminal point ensure transparency as well as user-friendly servicing.

Every installation terminal line from Phoenix Contact – be it with screw, spring cage, or push-in connection technology – is compatible with NLS busbars. This means that various types of connectors and connector cross sections can be combined.

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