Rotary switches for use in the field of energy technology

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Phoenix Contact has moved one step closer to become a complete switch cabinet component provider with the introduction of CAM switch!

The product range of compact rotary switches up to 20 A has been designed for the switch programs which are available for application in energy technology.

The use of high-quality materials results in a long mechanical and electrical service life.

The constructive design of the rotary switches affords a high level of safety: noncurrent- carrying parts are made of plastic, meaning that voltage cannot be transmitted to the control cabinet panel, for example.

Other benefits are as follows:

Compact design

Thanks to their compact design and the direction of the conductor connection, the rotary switches are ideally suited for switchgear in which space is limited.

Touch proof

The terminal points have been designed in such a way that they feature shock protection according to BGV A2. All clamping screws are enclosed within the housing, which means that it is not possible to come into contact with live parts.

Universal and maintenance-free

Notable features of the 2.5 mm2 screw connection are: a plus-minus screw drive; captive screws, open in delivery state; safe screw-driver guidance; connection of conductors with and without a ferrule or fork-type cable lug.

Shock- and vibration-resistant

The rotary switches have gone through shock and vibration test and are suitable for applications which involve extreme vibrations

Worldwide use

Comprehensive approvals permit international use. The rotary switches are free from cadmium and compliant with the RoHS directive.

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