Compact Disconnect Terminal Blocks with Automatic Converter Protection

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Phoenix Contact now offers pluggable measuring transducer disconnect terminal blocks with a disconnect element that can swivel.

The compact PTME 6 series is designed for wire cross-sections up to 6 mm² / 10 mm² and uses the standardized bridge, marking, and test accessories of the ‘Clipline complete’ modular terminal block system.

Another new feature is the short-circuit connector that automatically establishes a leading current transformer short circuit. This ensures a high degree of safety and reliability in current transformer measuring circuits. In conjunction with the associated base terminal, incorrect user actions as well as destruction of the connected current transformers can be completely ruled out.

Furthermore, this series of terminals combines a disconnect terminal with the Combi plug system. This means that it is now possible to build complete switching systems as well as the associated measuring transducers using nothing but pluggable components. All of the connectors can be simply coded, reliably preventing false connections.

The measuring transducer disconnect terminals feature push-in connector technology. As a result, conductor contact is established by the plugging process itself – without the need for any tools. To remove the conductor, the user only needs to press the release button.

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    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    Thank you for your feedback. There will be coding plate for the terminals and coding pin for the plug. Thus this will ensure a error free connection and avoids a faulty polarity.
    Please feel free to drop me an email at should you have further questions. Thanks!

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