Terminal Blocks for Energy Management

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Phoenix Contact offers three terminal block types for the distribution, measurement, and switching of energy:

  • Plug-in Combi terminal blocks, with a cross-section area of 10 mm², are well-suited for the distribution of energy and for modular switching system constructs.
  • The PTME transducer disconnect terminal is designed for conductor cross sections of up to 10 mm². The short-circuit connector is new and automatically establishes a leading current transformer short circuit. This ensures a high degree of safety and reliability in current transformer measuring circuits. In conjunction with the associated base terminal, incorrect user actions as well as destruction of the connected current transformers can be completely ruled out.
  • Signals and data from sensors in energy management system can be switched in a space-saving manner using new plug-in multi-level PT 2.5 terminal blocks. Several bridging options and switching ranges offer a great deal of flexibility.

The terminal blocks are equipped with simple push-in connector technology. Conductor contact is made by plugging it in without the need for any tools. To remove the conductor, the user only needs to press the release button.

The terminal blocks exploit the advantages offered by the “Clipline complete” system, which includes plug-in jumpers, labeling, and testing accessories.

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