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CT(Current transformer) Terminals are used primarily in the energy/electrical power utility industry. When the current in a circuit is too high to directly apply to test or measuring instruments, a CT reduces the current proportional to the current in the circuit.

Once the current is reduced, the CT Terminals can then be used to short the CT secondary circuit to enable test and measurement of the circuit thereby allowing users to avoid a system outage. A traditional CT terminal that is being used from Phoenix Contact is the URTK/S series.

Traditional way of breaking a circuit is to

1) unscrew

2) move to desire position(open/close)

3) tighten the screw.

In this 3 step aspects, there is a possibility that the screw is not tighten properly in the last step possibly due to fatigue, misjudgement etc. This is especially dangerous if the CT terminal block is mounted in a Din Rail vertically on the panel.  Any errors in the 3rd step process will  not only damage the equipment but also compromise operator safety.

In Phoenix Contact, we believe that your safety is our priority. With the new technology of our ME Series for the CT Terminals, this will eliminate any screwing process when breaking a circuit. (Please see video below)


We take holidays to have a break and rest but Safety never takes a holiday so stop accidents before they stop you!

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