Signal Conditioners

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At Phoenix Contact, there is always a signal conditioner for any application, such as filtering, converting, isolating and amplifying.


The portfolio also comprises of solutions for interference free signal transfer in the areas of functional safety or explosion protection.

Industries such as plant engineering, power utility and process technology will require more process signals compared in the past. This is due to process optimization or energy savings. The need for more signals will be required and space is also a factor for consideration.

These optimized signals will go directly into the controller. Phoenix Contact’s Mini Analog Pro’s width is only 6.2mm, which makes it suitable to be installed in confined spaces.

The design makes the access points highly visible and allows simple connection of wires, therefore, saving lots of time and money.

FASTCON Pro interchangeable terminals are pluggable connection terminal blocks that are available in push in or screw technology. It is also integrated with measuring points, allowing measuring of analog signals during operation without the hassle of disconnection in the circuit.

Built in Dip switches, software solution or the app function enables easy access to information. Remote configuration can be done via PC or smartphones with Bluetooth or NFC functions.

Easy and detachable gateways with plug and play solution can integrate up to 8 field signals directly into digital communication protocols and into controller level. This removes the costs and trouble of use of signal specific cards, the risk of wiring error and high space requirements in the control cabinets.



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