The Narrowest Surge Protection for MCR Technology

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TERMITRAB Complete is the world’s narrowest surge protection for MCR application. This product range provides you with a complete system kit featuring an integrated status indicator and an optional remote signaling set. TERMITRAB Complete, the narrowest protective device at only at 3.5mm width.

  • Starting from 3.5 mm widths, TERMITRAB complete is the world’s narrowest surge protection solution for MCR applications
  • Status indication with remote signaling
  • System modules for all MCR applications

Pluggable surge protection for 4-conductor applications

The narrowest arrester is 6 mm wide.

TTC-6P-4 is the world’s narrowest pluggable surge protection solution for 4-conductor applications. With an overall width of 6 mm, it reliably protects your measurement and control applications from overvoltage, while requiring minimal space.

TERMITRAB Complete, your best choice of Surge Protection for all MCR Applications. With a complete portfolio ranging from Single Stage Protection to multistage Surge Protection  with integrated status indication and knife disconnect, TERMITRAB Complete SPD will give you the most holistic and comprehensive protection for your cabinet solutions.

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