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The smartRTU AXC SG telecontrol and automation technology system from Phoenix Contact can be used across industries. In addition to the telecontrol technology, it can be used as a simple automation solution. Its use in electrical networks is the primary application field. Additionally, applications in wind and solar power plants, water supply and gas supply can be also realized simply and safely with the smartRTU technology.

With smartRTU technology, many applications can be implemented, from simple to complex telecontrol and automation applications. The simple and secure parameterization of a solution using a web browser also enables trained service technicians without programming knowledge to configure and commission an application.

Thus, the monitoring of operating variables in distribution grids can be parameterized in a very simple, fast and flexible way. The integration of short circuit and ground fault indicators and other devices via relay contacts, Modbus RTU or Modus TCP communication is possible without expert knowledge. The reporting of operating states and measured variables to higher-level telecontrol nodes or control systems has already been implemented in compliance with current information security regulations. The parallel communication via different, standardized communication protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101 / 104 or IEC 61850 (coming soon) is possible. This allows distribution networks to be safely and economically monitored and optimally operated.

In addition to the monitoring of distribution grids, the active control of the grids by means of further smartRTU functionalities is already included in the functional scope. The monitoring of load and circuit breakers as well as their remote control gets implemented by parameterization of the provided smartRTU application. Whether single message or double command, the system is already preconfigured for this. An individual and customer-specific realization is given by the modular and flexible software and hardware construction.

Selected functions and setting parameters allow, among other things, to configure a complete feed-in management solution, with readback of the actual feed, with just a few clicks and inputs. The communication link to the distribution system operator’s control system can just as easily be bidirectional, e.g. via a 104 communication.

Thanks to the simple parameterization, evaluation, logical linking and communication of signals and values, a number of different telecontrol applications and solutions can be implemented quickly, safely and simply across industries using smartRTU technology from Phoenix Contact. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact us at!



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