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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with its 10 member countries has a combined population of over 640 Million people and a market of US$2.8 trillion as of year 2017. Collectively, this is the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh largest in the world. Over the last decade, ASEAN GDP growth averaged at 5.4%, higher than the global GDP growth of 3.6%. It is forecasted that ASEAN will emerge as the world’s fourth largest economy by year 2030.

To support the fast growing economies in ASEAN, it is not difficult to notice the development projects in the area of Transport, Power and Water & Waste-water.

Taking the transport industry for example, urbanisation has driven populations in Southeast Asian cities to swelling points, averaging between 1 million inhabitants (e.g. Da Nang) and up to 10 million inhabitants (e.g. Jakarta). This has posed a huge challenge to city municipals when traffic gridlocks bring businesses and daily life to a standstill, resulting in huge economic losses.

To tackle this problem, public mass transport systems (i.e. Monorail, Metro) have been put into city planning. Improvement works to road infrastructure has been carried out, with new highways and road tunnels being planned and built.

Contributing to road tunnel safety, Phoenix Contact has developed the Advanced Tunnel Solution (ATS) for Tunnel Lighting control. Depending on the external ambient light condition, the controllers adjust the light intensity with precision through dimming, to attain the ideal illumination for the tunnel zones illustrated above. This “demand oriented” solution provides significant energy savings when compared with the conventional solution we see today, enabling energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

To enhance the speed of deployment onsite, the installation-ready control cabinet solutions (BTS, ATS, TCS) only require simple configuration of the system, without the need for any tedious programming work.

While cable installation and system connectivity is dubbed as the most labour intensive, the versatile and robust QPD installation system with its tried-and-tested QUICKON fast connection technology, allows for effortless distribution of power and data signal.

Looking through the wide range of reliable and excellent quality products portfolio (e.g. Surge protection, Industrial networking, Firewall for Cyber Security), Phoenix Contact constantly strives to develop new innovative industry solutions, to fuel the regional growth in our own ways.

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